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Born Jacques Webster, on April 30th, 1992 in Houston, Texas, he grew up in Missouri City, a suburban area outside Houston and attended Elkins High School. Normally, Travi$ would stay with his Grandmother, while his mother worked for the company Apple, and his Father owned a self-ran business. Travi$ attended The University of Texas San Antonio before dropping out. Travi$ also used to skip school to meet up with Mike Dean for studio sessions.

2009-2012: Beginnings signing with Grand Hustle

Travi$ Scott started to produce beats at the age of 16, and then made his first musical relationship with long time friend, Christopher Jones named The Graduates. They released their first EP on Myspace in 2009. In 2010, he formed a duo with OG CHE$$, named The Classmates. They released two full projects, the first one named Buddy Rich, and the second named Cruis'n USA in 2011, with Travi$ producing all of the songs. After personal differences, OG CHE$$ and Travi$ broke up in late 2011.

Travi$ moved to Los Angeles from Texas after dropping out of college. Travi$, with help from his friend Mike Waxx, who owns the website Illroots, started to make and release music. T.I. listened to one of Travi$' songs named Lights (Love Sick) which he released while staying in Los Angeles, and contacted Travi$, asking him to come down to a studio. T.I. then freestyled a verse over one of Travi$' song, "Animal". Travi$ then acquired the phone number of Kanye West's engineer, Anthony Kilhoffer and organised a meeting which allowed him to play his music for him. Kilhoffer then took Travi$ under his wing, and through Kilhoffer, he met Kanye West while in New York. Travi$ worked with Kanye on his debut project, Owl Pharaoh, which has been delayed numerous times, and GOOD Music's debut compilation album, Cruel Summer. Travi$ co-produced the songs, "To The World", "The Morning" and "Don't Like", and also produced and contributed a verse to "Sin City". Travi$ has also directed a number of music videos, such as "Brake Lights" for fellow Very GOOD Beats labelmate, Hit-Boy.

2011 - Present: Owl Pharaoh

Owl Pharaoh was supposed to be released for free in mid 2012. It was delayed however, and then slated for a late 2012 release. After re-making the EP with help from Kanye West, Mike Dean and Anthony Kilhoffer it was again, delayed for sample clearance issues. In January of 2013, Travi$ was featured on fellow G.O.O.D. Music member, Pusha T's mixtape, Wrath of Caine on the track "Blocka" produced by Young Chop. Shortly afterwards, Travi$ released his own version of "Blocka", entitled "Blocka La Flame", which featured additional production from Mike Dean and Travi$ himself. On March 22, 2013, Travi$ released another single off his EP called "Quintana", accompanied with a music video. The song features Wale and was produced by Travi$ Scott, Sak Pase and Mike Dean.

On March 27, 2013, XXL Magazine revealed that Travi$ was apart of XXL's Freshman Class of 2013. On March 29, 2013, in an interview with British DJ, DJ Semtex, Travi$ premiered a snippet of his next single, "Upper Echelon", featuring 2 Chainz. On April 12, Travis stated that Owl Pharaoh will be released on iTunes on May 21, 2013.The full version of "Upper Echelon" was premired on April 18 also featuring T.I. and the following day it was released to iTunes. Then on April 23 the song was sent to Urban contemporary radio.

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