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Tori Amos

Caught a Lite Sneeze (7:13)


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  • The harpsichord part in this does things to me. I feel like there's a reason most covers of CALS shy away from including it.
  • Boys in the middle and you're not here...
  • ♥ Perfect! ♥
  • Make my own pretty hate machine... :)
  • Too good.
  • the harpsichord-only version of this from the Dew Drop Inn Tour is fucking fantastic. God I wish I could have seen her live back in the 90s.
  • Fantastic song!
  • Right on time you get closer and closer...
  • Still my favorite Tori song after I saw the video on MTV back in the day <3
  • come back to NYC Tori!!
  • I would love to see Tori Live! I have heard nothing but good things from others that have seen her.
  • one of the best songs ever written!
  • Love the Harpsichord in this one.
  • Agree this is great - but live it moves to another world - regards to all Paul
  • So Choirgirly I'm surprised to find out it's actually from Pele.
  • the live version is so much better
  • This is where my obsession with Tori began. I remember being amazed by the music video when I was twelve.
  • I think, this best song from an album.
  • I love this.
  • i love the operatic wails during "building tumbling down, didn't know our love was so small, couldn't stand at all. mister saint john, just bring your sun." Shivers. I practise at home.
  • Flawless.
  • Pele is one of the best break-up albums of all time, no question.
  • flawless
  • Mhm, that was first Tori song i heard. And it's my favourite still. Masterpiece.
  • made my own.. pretty.. hate machine....
  • I always have to stop what I'm doing when this song comes on and just listen.
  • Again Again!!!! Love it!
  • Pele is her best album in my opinion. This song is so tremendous and gorgeous. Love it so much.
  • Can't get enough Tori :)
  • @ZySa I can see the kinda Bjorkish sound of her voice in there. But it's definitely Tori, no mistake about that. :) Beautiful!
  • just curious, am i the only one who finds her singing in it.. kinda bjorkish?%)
  • masterpiece <3
  • I am so happy that I discovered her at such a young age... this woman got me thru the roughest patches of my life. I am stronger because of Tori
  • one of the most wonderful songs ever... EVER EVER!!
  • This song that got me into Tori, and still my favorite 14 years later. Amazing lyrics, delivery, production, passion...the background vocals used to haunt me; couldn't get them out of my head. Simply the best. ♥
  • Every time I hear it it grows on me a little more.
  • love it every time.....
  • i remember sneaking to watch MTV past my bedtime in '96 waiting for this video to come on ♥
  • She is my fairy!!
  • I think this may be my most favorite Tori Amos song ever.
  • Wauw!
  • this is our song, baby...
  • didn't know our love was so...small...
  • Certeza qye esse BoysforPele é a Sandy, ou o Kaká.
  • the pause / pedal / breath / piano around 2:47 gets me every time...[2]
  • "Caught a Lite Sneeze" é a minha música favorita de Tori Amos, a composição dela e suas batidas são contagiantes, e nos transportam para um mundo transcendental!
  • one of the best
  • the pause / pedal / breath / piano around 2:47 gets me every time...


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