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  • another absolutely insanely good album of tools to keep in your collection.
  • Join my group if you have read some of my books: http://www.last.fm/group/Nothing+in+This+Book+is+True?
  • Criminally, the song Opiate is somehow also below (-)ions..... wha?!
  • go Opiate! Uncut diamond. Perfect in it's imperfection x2. Why isn't opiate in the top 5 songs?
  • Propbly their best album
  • This rocks
  • It's the I had a friend once-song. Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan...
  • progressive?
  • The Gaping lotus expirance is a hidden track in the Opiate. He start at 6.06...
  • i like it more than undertow.
  • Best tool album by far!
  • i love how you get to see Adam's model from the cover in the Vicarious documentary, it's a great insight into what goes on in the band besides the music
  • I recall seeing a 12' somewhere I should go pick that up soonish i spose
  • Uncut diamond. Perfect in it's imperfection.
  • by far my favourite tool CD
  • choices always were a problem for you...
  • Jesus Christ why dont you come save my life now...
  • good ol tool
  • FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Hush kicks maximum ass!
  • I thought Jesus Christ was on this album...Apparently not. Oh, and hideous cover.
  • Alright, I take what I said before back. It's amazing!
  • It's great, but definitely not yup to par with their later works. And is there any way I can find 'The Gaping Lotus Experience' on my cd? It's not in the tracklist on the back of the cd or when I ripped it.
  • It truly does, it looks so tacky i used think its some live album or something :-S
  • si
  • Hush kicks ass.
  • cold and ugly deserves more listens, one of my favourites
  • Feels like I've been here before!
  • This is probably the best CD I have in my whole collection. Just beautiful.


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