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Tonight Alive ist eine aus fünf Mitgliedern bestehende Pop-Punk-Band aus Sydney, Australien. Ihr Debütalbum mit dem Namen All Shapes And Disguises, welches auf 20.000 Kopien limitiert ist, wurde im Juli 2010 in Australien und Japan veröffentlicht.

Nach der Gründung der Band im Jahre 2008 spielten Tonight Alive gemeinsam mit international erfolgreichen Bands wie 3OH!3, Flatliners, Fireworks, Valencia und Lostprophets. Im Juli…

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  • i'll probably be in my fucking grave when these comparisons stop, if ever. g o d. anyway THE LOVES OF MY LIFE i cannot wait for the new record, i hope we'll get a release date soon. <3 they're pretty much done recording!
  • Tonight Alive are so much better than Paramore ^-^
  • Paramore are so much better than Tonight Alive :)
  • Tonight Alive – You Know You Know Me крайне высоко оценена в критике и аналитике рок-песен, одна из лучших песен жанра!
  • TA need to release new album. Lots of female-fronted band (PVRIS, Against The Current, etc) getting bigger each day. The only way to stop em is release new album :p
  • TA>Paramore!!! Paramore=shit, TA - FOREVER!!!!
  • stop comparing Tonight Alive to Paramore, they all make their own music and are unique in their own way. [7]
  • Полностью поменяли мое отношение к женскому вокалу.
  • Nicely said hkphe. There are similarities between the bands and their sounds; it's pointless to deny that. Yet Tonight Alive is definitely not a Paramore rip-off
  • To be honest the people comparing TA to Paramore are right. Only problem is seemingly no one is realizing why. Both Paramore and TA started as "Popcore" (Postcore+PopPunk) bands who are female fronted and with every release got softer and more mainstream. The sound itself (speaking only in the boundaries of those genres) is different yes. But if seen from a macro perspective (music in general) they are pretty similair. All Shapes & Disguises was pretty much what Josh/Zac/Jeremy wanted AWKIF to be just that AWKIF should have been heavier ("real Postcore" instead of this Popcore TA is doing)

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