• Streaming radio

    10. Mär. 2006, 14:03 von jcshepard

    I can still remember how exicted I was first time RealAudio streamed real live radio over my old Mac. Damn near wet my britches. that's been awhile now, the internet's gone broadband, world's gone nuts.

    Since I started scobblin', I've been more selectively streaming (destination radio rather than background noise). Yet now that my profile's approaching 10,000 tracks, it's fairly representative of the favs in my library. Still nice to see the Giant Computer Brain recc stuff that's still in boxes at home. Best go fetch Artist X.

    Haven't run the last.fm radio stream all that much yet. Find I need to pay attention to it:
    1. last.fm radio scobbles into the profile. You can delete tracks. I'm lazy.
    2. Recc Radio is distracting. productivity at work=crap.
    3. Home=dialup

    So, my old online Americana radio friends are still getting some listens, outside the Scrobblerzone:

    KRFC-FM 88.9 Homegrown Radio for Fort Collins and the Front Range of Colorado. …