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  • Avatar für bradmatic
    Regardless, I love the hell out of this.
  • Avatar für suncoup
    It's fragmented. There are 3 bars in a measure, the first two are in 12/4, and the third has an extra beat, so it's in 13/4. I don't know how you would notate that, but that's how you would play it.
  • Avatar für bradmatic
    heh, I WAS gonna dare someone to figure out the time signature of this song...
  • Avatar für markarm50003
  • Avatar für shawnevans
    Those who like this should check out "Electric Bell Blanket" by Buckethead.
  • Avatar für JamesHippieKid
    This always makes me think of Frank Zappa for some resin..
  • Avatar für EnglandDreaming
    I adore this!
  • Avatar für shawnevans
    Definitely Zappian. Nonetheless awesome =]
  • Avatar für Lipton454
  • Avatar für albertomuzak
    very very Zappian

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