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  • Who- ever
  • For those that can get over Bowie not being their favourite version of Bowie, the Tin Machine project was one of the high points of his music. Bowie back to the simple honesty of playing guitar and writing rock songs. It was never going to storm the charts, it is a Jam-band that wrote quirky oddball songs. Bowie fancied a jam with some people of equal abilities, so the first album has a loose and playful feel, and the second album a more thoughtful and introverted style. Metal-heads hate it because "Eeew ! it is Bowie and he does dance and pop". The pop-lovers hate it as they think he was the dance act they fell in love with. Critics hate it because they felt Bowie had abandoned them, and they did not understand Jam-bands or where they fit.
  • So underrated
  • amazing
  • Crap
  • Where did people come up with those stories about Tin Machine that I see below? Is there a link to an interview or something? People make it sound like some kind of movie where Bowie was down on his luck and Tin Machine saved him. Bowie met Reeves' wife on the Glass Spider tour, she gave him her husband's demo tapes, and they decided to do a project together. Bowie later would say some nice stuff about being a part of a band and whatever. When Bowie went back to doing solo work, you can barely even tell Gabrels was still working with him. I don't think Bowie considers his 80s work to be bland. How do you explain that he continued to play those songs in concert? Did he play Loving the Alien on the Reality tour because the song was just really bland and awful?
  • I actually like them. They have some very good songs.
  • Eh, probably the most disappointing of bowie projects.
  • The Nickelback of the late 80's, where it's cool to hate them
  • Неплохо.
  • I like it.
  • very underrated band
  • Heaven's in here
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  • Ha! Weak by Bowie's standards?? At the time, this band project woke Bowie up from his self-confessed "creative slumber." As he admits, he'd been churning out soulless pop for the "Pepsi generation" (TV ads and all) in a perpetual coked up haze before doing these albums with his old friends, the Sales brothers (from Lust For Life album) and innovative guitarist, Reeves Gabrels. Gabrels played a vital role in Bowie's 2nd lease on artistic life, staying on well beyond the Tin Machine albums. He had confronted Bowie personally about his increasingly bland output in the 80s, and Bowie listened. Also, the live shows were a breath of fresh air, with a stripped down but intense energy amplified by the small venues-- not the monstrous big hair spectacle of his 80s stadium-pop kitsch.
  • Weak? This must be one of the most underrated bands ever. They have many great tracks, and some of David Bowie's best vocal performances of his entire career (don't get me wrong, I love his voice). What's so bad about them? The lyrics? The playing? The production? I don't find anything wrong, I think people hate it because everyone else does it.
  • Its weak by Bowie standards, but I must admit that the second album does have its moments.
  • Never saw in all my life a more shining jewel... Tin Machine were great. David can do it all.
  • .•*¨*•♫♪•<❤>_♪♫ॐ•_•ॐ♫♪+<❤>•♪♫•*¨*•.¸
  • This band was such a fail.
  • They rocked,they really did.
  • Check out "Thursdays Friend" LastFm page. Cool band from Adelaide Australia. Free downloads of Grunge/Punk/Metal. Peace!
  • n yes, i like it!
  • i'm going to tag this with "dance"
  • I hope it's worth listening, otherwise I'll be very disappointed by Bowie and frustrated.
  • That guy 3rd from the left looks very familiar ; D
  • not THAT bad.
  • David Bowie <3
  • Bowie's always been surfing the trends so going back to uncompromising rock'n'roll was probably seen as a disappointing move and a sign of failure at the time. Too bad. People also seemed to overlook that it wasn't a David Bowie album. Tin Machine is Tin Machine. It bothers me a bit that the reissue gives the artist as David Bowie too. I would imagine Iggy Pop/Stooges fans would like the sound of Tin Machine more than the usual Bowie crowd (the Sales brothers played with Iggy back in '75-'77 so no wonder).
  • TM is soo much better live!
  • In 1989 Tin Machine was portrayed as a joke by rags like the NME. Evidently, I was an impressionable teenage reader and just never bothered with Bowie. This year I've finally got around to exploring Bowie's back catalogue. I must say the NME hacks were wrong, Tin Machine stands it's ground as yet another well executed phase of his career.
  • I understand why the whole Tin Machine era was viewed as a failure, but Tin Machine II is actually a good album.
  • Bowie was entitled to add "hard rocker" to his list of guises; Mod, hippy, glam, soul, New Wave, he's done it all. I think TM might be underrated, but I can't say for sure whether I'd have taken an interest in them, without him as lead singer.
  • seen them live in early 90s great band
  • TM2 is solid. It sounds like a proper Bowie album, don't be put off
  • I still like this project, after all this years, its still fucking great Rock'N'Roll.
  • Come on, even Bowie says this is crap.
  • Great singer, great guitarist, great band. They should do more!!!! . . . . Genius.
  • the self titled record is so fucking solid. I wish it got recognized more.
  • This band was a great project by David Bowie. They were very underrated.
  • have the first record, great adventurous vibe and really underrated yeah
  • More rocken than Bowies solo stuff
  • Much better than that "let's dance"crap...TM III where are you?...
  • some of Tin Machine II is much better than you might think
  • @tokyoakazukin: No, this band is plenty rated as a piece of crap.
  • i`ve just download tin machine,,, dont know what am I going to get fron them,
  • they're ace!


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