• My Musical Journey

    24. Jan. 2009, 12:12 von kosticr

    Michael Jackson was the first great artist I ever heard and was my first major influence.

    The Beginning: (1996-2000)
    This was the first time I really started to enjoy music and when I heard Everybody (Backstreets back) by the Backstreet Boys on an Aussie music show Video Hits, about the same time as Freestyler and One Step Closer were popular, I was immediately addicted to music.
    Their album Backstreet's Back definitely became one my favourites at that time along with, Aussie group, Human Nature's album Telling Everybody and they both continue to impress me even today.
    Ricky Martin's The Cup of Life was a track I listened to every weekend before I played Soccer during this time.
    I also listened to the Batman Forever soundtrack album a fair bit during this time with tracks Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me & Kiss from a Rose becoming favourites of mine and suggesting that I would enjoy a wide range of music in the future.
  • 2008 Top 50 Songs (50-26)

    15. Dez. 2008, 19:07 von medulaespinal

    Last year Feist and Battles ran away with the best tracks of 2007. This year, my 2nd,3rd and 5th most scrobbled tracks taken from 2008 albums these past 12 months didn't even make the cut!! Even so, skimming over last year's choices, there doesn't seem to be as much quality this year. Before we get started though, let's give a little love to some tracks which juuuuust missed it:

    Honorable Mention
    Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches
    So much sass, so much bubblegum and plenty of "lol" in the verses to keep you entertained long past the 2:37 running time.
    My Morning Jacket - Librarian
    Worthy of a mention just for the use of "interwebs" in a completely serious tone. This slightly creepy ode to the sexy librarian bookworm is A+
    Amanda Palmer - Another Year
    Amanda stole the show when it came to epic piano ballads in 2008.
    Guns N' Roses - Madagascar
    15 years folks...
    Girl Talk - Like This
    If only for the last 55 seconds…
  • The Alchemy Index - My thoughts

    23. Jun. 2008, 21:43 von used_chemical

    I was just thinking about this album and i thought that i really ought to review it or praise it in some way more formal than just posting on Thrice's shoutbox. So i decided to write a journal about my feelings on all 4 mini albums. I may go into some depth as i feel very strongly about this album.

    Fire is very powerful, and whilst it is nothing like the thrash-like, heavy screaming, Thrice of old, is is the heaviest of the four, and quite right too. When you think of Fire, you very rarely think of calm, but raging and angry.
    Firebreather i think is the best possible choice for the opener. It crashes down on the listener and actually makes them listen. This song is powerful and heavy throughout whilst using beautiful melodies and rhythm .
    The Messenger is somewhat of a new prospect for Thrice fans as we are treated to mechanical drums for the introduction, which just shows how Thrice are starting to expand their genre even more than they did in Vheissu. The Messenger is probably the heaviest of the 6 in the Fire section. …
  • Three releases, one busy week

    26. Apr. 2008, 14:29 von pecusita

    Last week was a good week to be a music lover. No, let me rephrase that. Last week was a great week to be a music lover. With three outstanding new releases, that made my week very tough and enjoyable. Tough, because I was having a hard time dividing my time between these album, to give them all fair play. And I was fairly happy with all of them.

    (In alphabetical order, by artist.)

    Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight


    As I expressed in my *new* music that will surely have some dominance over my charts this year journal, I've been waiting for this album for the last couple of months. Due to some clever promoting and advanced tracks, I came to expect great things from this, and it has delivered in a big, big fashion.

    They've certainly perfected their craft with this release. Reaching the high levels of top-quality melodic pop rock. They've made their sound bigger without sacrificing the personal and…