• David Sedaris as Billie Holiday

    30. Nov. 2008, 16:33 von joopy

    Check out Act One of #104: Music Lessons from This American Life (an old episode, but also the latest podcast) to hear David Sedaris's surprisingly convincing Billie Holiday-style singing (à la commercial jingle).
  • Ira Glass in a musical

    20. Aug. 2008, 21:52 von AnaAerophina

    ... would rock. Sorry, guys, it hasn't happened yet. But what if?
    You may wonder where I got that idea.
    I got it here: http://www.box.net/shared/ot39xe7go4
    The moment I heard Ira's awkward singing, I knew he needed to be in a musical. I've officially added it to the list of things I want to see before I die.

    What kind of musical would it be? It would have to be a dramatic story of personal struggle, where, at the climax of the tale, the protagonist recites a timeless monologue about what he learned or realized, not un-TAL-like.
    And it would be about Ira's hard start in radio as a tapecutter for All Things Considered, and his struggle for...

    No. That would be corny.

    Perhaps it would simply be a musical episode of TAL, where all the contributors and guests sing everything.

    Wait, that's more corny.

    I've got it! It will be a random musical, I don't particularly care what about. But it will have Ira Glass in a fairly large singing role. Sarah Vowell will also be in it. And TMBG, and. …
  • Music of Spring Break

    25. Mär. 2008, 20:29 von bmcirillo

    So Spring Break just happened. It's now over and done with. A thing of the past. It turns out that music-wise it was exclusively Vampire Weekend, The Cave Singers, and NPR This American Life" variety] plus a couple listens of the new The Mountain Goats album Heretic Pride.

    I had listened to Vampire Weekend when the EP was released and for whatever reason they just didn't stick. I actually really like them now. I don't know why on first listen it didn't do much for me, but I love the interesting instrumentation they use...it's quite unique and they've got a great sound.

    The Cave Singers was kind of the same way. I heard one song of theirs before and wasn't too excited about it. But then I started listening to the album in full, and listened to it over and over and over again, and I kind of fell in love. They're like a more spunky mountain goats maybe crossed with someone like Band of Horses. I really love their album, particularly the tracks of Seeds Of Night, Dancing On Our Graves, and Oh Christine.
  • take a look at me now!

    28. Nov. 2007, 22:26 von natalial

    As per Matt's suggestion, I listened to the This American Life episode about breakups, wherein a girl breaks up with her boyfriend and seeks melancholic retribution by writing a song about said breakup with the encouragement of Phil Collins. Because of their history and undeniable/unexplainable love for cheesy pop, she actually quotes PCol to him in anger and the whole thing is sad but greatly amusing because everyone can relate to it.

    So I've been listening to the absolutely brilliant Against All Odds over and over and over trying to figure it out - like, okay, here's what I'm grappling with in the song: Nothing is resolved.

    The thing about it is that you end up waiting so long for something that is, ultimately, not what you want it to be nor ever really addressed. The drums don't even come in until halfway through the song, and even then, it's more of a laid-back, resigned kick than the "goddammit, why did you goooooo, come back here nowww; here's some electro-cowbell for good measuuuuuure. …