• My All-Time Top 25 Power Pop Albums

    4. Feb. 2008, 17:07 von cruz992

    Here is my Top 25 List of All-Time Favorite Power Pop Albums. I worked on this list for submittal to a poll on the (soon to be defunct) Audities mailing list, a poll which was inspired by the newish book by John Borack "Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide".
    It changed quite a bit from my first draft, from basically a list of my current faves, to a list more far-reaching in scope, as seen from the view of my many years as a power pop fan. This shift has homogenized the list quite a bit, to mostly feature mostly the well-known power pop Gods.
    Despite my previous point, there are no Beatles albums to be found on the list, simply because I consider them bigger than power pop.
    Three more albums that I loved, The Orgone Box' self titled debut, The Grip Weeds "House of Vibes" and Chris Bell's "I Am the Cosmos", didn't make the cut with me (though they made Borack's list) because I personally don't consider them power pop. …