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The Velvet Underground & Nico
The Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground & Nico


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  • One of the best albums of all time with amazing songs only. I scored a yellow vinyl version of this yesterday!
  • My conception of what is music has completely changed after listening to this album
  • Some albums change what you listen to. Some albums change you.
  • ahead of their time
  • rating 10/10
  • Mi album favorito <333
  • Forget Scorcese, this would've been amazing in Eyes Wide Shut.
  • They never bettered this, musically or creatively
  • Surprised to see so many people speaking ill of Nico's contributions to this record. Sure, you can write her involvement off as a gimmick and you'd be write to point out that she wasn't really a creative force in terms of writing the songs or anything like that, but this album would not be the same (i.e. as utterly brilliant) without her. "Femme Fatale," "I'll Be Your Mirror" and "All Tomorrow's Parties" are just beautiful songs and her vocals suit them perfectly, I think. Nico was a brilliant artist in her own right, too, kicking off her solo career with four great records, the best of which (Desertshore and The Marble Index) I'd say match up favorably with any of the music of the period. Anyway, this is an album that's perfect or very nearly perfect because every contribution to it works together brilliantly -- Reed's songwriting, Cale's viola and avant garde sensibilities, Nico's singular vocals, Morrison's fractured guitars, Tucker's primal drumming. One of the best ever.
  • The soundtrack to a Martin Scorcese gangster flick.[2] Everytime I listen to Venus In Furs I picture it in a Scorsese movie, it would match perfectly
  • Masterpiece.
  • One of the greatest albums of ALL TIMES!
  • Thanks for everything.
  • Arguably the most influential album of all time
  • No number of banana T-shirts being worn by clueless morons can mitigate against the genius of this album. John Cale's electric viola work on "Heroin" is appropriate and perfect!
  • 100/100
  • This is really a work of art. The boldness of Lou Reed, John Cale's deep knowledge of experimental music, the polyphonic lines of Sterling Morrison, the curious drumming style of Maureen Tucker (upturned bass drum, massive usage of mallets, standing up stance), the dramatic tension of Nico's voice and - last but not least - the judicious guidance of Andy Warhol made this masterpiece deserve a special place in history.
  • So Good!!!!!!
  • rating 10/10
  • Perfect Album btw
  • v true, i love her voice
  • it would be worse without nico. fact.
  • Fuck Andy Warhol, fuck Nico and her accent! This album is among the best but would have been even better without Nico's stupid singing.
  • The best.
  • Might be my all time favorite album, i just never get tired of it.(2)
  • R.I.P. Lou Reed :(
  • best album ever, Nico puts it over the top
  • The soundtrack to a Martin Scorcese gangster flick.
  • my god people, if you're still complaining about Nico's feature on this album after all these years you need to find something else to do with your life [2]
  • Smells like 1966.
  • Might be my all time favorite album, i just never get tired of it.
  • Venus in Furs ♥
  • It's a shame that they never gained commercial success. It's funny though, the fact that over forty years after the release of the album is the time when they've received the most appreciation. The power of the Internet. ~
  • Last 2 songs are like a transition to White Light/White Heat.
  • La icónica banana
  • my god people, if you're still complaining about Nico's feature on this album after all these years you need to find something else to do with your life
  • Cala a boca Raique [2]
  • Cala a boca Raique
  • "You’ve scrobbled The Velvet Underground & Nico 116 times" it's not enough.
  • Absolutely love this album. Not a bad track in sight.
  • One of the best things I've ever heard in my life lol
  • hate nico. lou reed versions >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> nico
  • "Probably the first perfect album by a rock group" <-- Desconsidering Mr. Tambourine Man by The Byrds and Fresh Cream, at least.
  • I don't get why this album is so cult. Venus in Furs is interesting, but the rest is just typical 60's underground 'alternative pop'. I understand why they liked Barret-era Floyd so much, for instance, but this doesn't resonate with me.
  • yay streamable
  • Its amazing how you feel the music in your skin, th lyrics in your heart, all the feeling in this album its what make him so unique its so pure, and have a beautiful soul inside alll the music
  • One of the greatest albums of the '60's and of all time.
  • This album doesn't have a bad song. Therefore, it's perfect. The Velvet Underground introduced me to the magic world of psychedelic rock and that's where I'm at 5 years after taking a first listen. This is one of my 3 top albums of all time. VU forever


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