• Auditions?

    29. Mai. 2007, 8:04 von ian_unbearable


    Featuring a demo version of the unreleased track "Building the Machine"
  • [music2006] My year in live music

    27. Dez. 2006, 22:59 von dave-tx

    2006 - I saw more live music in 2006 than I have in a long time. I think it was the two SXSW showcases that I attended that got me back in the mood to hit the clubs. Yes, they were that good.

    My top shows for the year:
    1. Tool, McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas TX: I've been waiting 4 years for another Tool show, and this didn't disappoint. They played 5000 seat McFarlin on the SMU campus as part of their "warm up" tour. Great mix of new and old material (maybe could have used a bit more OLDER material).

    2. SXSW "Japan Night" showcase, The Elysium, Austin TX: As an audience member stated, "Japan Night" is consistently one of, if not the best showcase of the entire SXSW conference. Every band was fantastic. The Rodeo Carburettor was my favorite of the night. Check them out.

    3. Beck, The Backyard, Austin TX: Beck has to be one of the most imaginative artists out there. I was expecting a good concert, but I wasn't expecting a good puppet show along with it. …
  • Music I hope to acquire sometime soon:

    14. Jan. 2006, 16:39 von dturgentbyrne

    Some more albums by Cruiserweight
    I've liked Cruiserweight for quite a few years, but I own very little of their stuff.

    Raised by Wolves EP (and the new EP due out in March, I think) by Voxtrot
    I just discovered Voxtrot in December (after being told about them in October and thinking I was being told about "Foxtrot" and was confused when I found no band with that name-- but still, there's some question as to if Voxtrot is actually the band I was being told about). No matter what the story is, they are a great band and I'm surprised I hadn't heard/heard about them earlier. I need to get some of their stuff so I no longer feel so guilty about having the mp3s.

    Demonstration by Dewato
    I had liked the song "Shamen" for years, but never knew who did it. In December, I finally got an answer. Now I need to buy the CD.

    Some early stuff by Vertical Horizon
    As in stuff before Everything You Want. It seems I'll have to buy stuff online because anything earlier then that album isn't carried in stores (or if it is…
  • Unbearables EP Release

    12. Jan. 2006, 5:08 von ian_unbearable

    My band, The Unbearables is having a release party for our new EP.
    See more info in this journal post: http://www.last.fm/label/The%20Unbearables/journal&action=display&entryid=57682
    or on our website at http://www.theunbearables.com