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  • i love Martyn.he's amazing
  • Brilliant :) They did fantastic show in VIlnius.
  • It's scary when a band comes out with two GOOD albums in the same year, and not being a double-disc or something like that.
  • These guys are many albums do they have?!i cant catch it((:
  • Они недавно ведь совсем приезжали - в начале лета
  • aren't they going to Russia?..
  • magnificent :) -- i was so disappointed that the shockheaded peter dvd was not footage of the actual (blindingly brilliant) play that i was holding off on mountains of madness but looks like i *must* get my hands on it. -- thanks!
  • D. . .dear god. UNIMAGINABLE BRILLIANCE!!!
  • I've seen the video of their concert with Hacke. Not much of Hacke there really but the Lillies are just as great as always
  • No. I've wanted to buy that dvd for some time now but I'm always slow with buying things on the internet. I'm the traditional over the counter shopper. Guess I'll quit listening to new music entirely when it's all incorporeal. ;)
  • has anyone heard their collaboration with alexander hacke?
  • saw them at szget...great!
  • I'm newly in love with Kick A Baby. And live it sounds tons of times more amazing. Funny as hell. The new album is gonna have sex with your mother.
  • Bad Blood&Blasphemy is my number 1 TG album, every single track on it (maybe except Car Crash) is brilliant. :)
  • Briliant
  • Im bang bang bang bang banging in the nailzzzz
  • Their gig in Moscow the other day was fuckin' awesome. The new album is as good as I expected, btw
  • bloody perfect.
  • Bangin in the Nails really cheers up!
  • delicious.
  • did anyone else notice a tiger lillies song played on Derren Brown's Trick or Treat show on channel 4 last night?
  • I can call nothing but 3 brilliant genii!
  • Yesterday I saw them live and they were brilliant!
  • So, Goombah recommended this to me on their service. As someone earlier stated..WTF?!? But I do kind like it... :-)
  • Only heard Circus Songs and it blew me away! Can't wait to listen to more stuff!! They are awesome!
  • I LOVETHE RAPIST XD Listning to their lyrics can be depressing at times.. but mostly is funny.
  • hahahaha banging the nails is the most fucked song i heard this week
  • i was browsing artists, came across this, listened to Banging in the Nails... and all i can say is: WTF?!!
  • Buy Mountains of Madness, out on DVD. If you really, really, want it in mp3 form, there are tons of programs that can easily convert streaming DVD audio into an mp3 or whatever flavor of audio you'd prefer.
  • where is it possible to download The Cult Of Cthulhu?
  • maybe somebody know when tiger lillies will release their new album?
  • the best live band i have ever seen. simply awe inspiring
  • m is for madhouse, lala, i love the tigerlillies
  • That makes sense. I wonder what Kubrick was on that year...
  • maddsurgeon, if you are thinking of the artist pic, it is a spoof of A Clockwork Orange
  • Am I crazy, or is that photo referencing a famous painting? Something by Picasso, maybe?
  • they're genoius! love lonely shizophrenic
  • Fucking genial awesome shit!
  • horrible shit


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