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  • ♥♥♥
  • Another band that went from awesome rock to techno.. shame. Gonna stick to the old stuff though.
  • new pic
  • Start is awesome... but not as good as all of their old work
  • v Whahaha!
  • They should change their name to The Sunshine Mainstream :o(
  • Finally We Arrive - awesome!!!
  • New album here
  • Start 3>
  • Ok, Dont stop is not good... sounds like b-side not a single
  • лучше музыки для того, чтобы просто погорланить от души, и представить себе невозможно
  • They did it again! It is only you is a blast!
  • Its Only You!! C:
  • New single is good !
  • New single:
  • these guys and The Rifles are possibly the best two bands this country has ever produced. EVER.
  • Found these from a recommendation, now can't stop listening. Can't wait for the next album and tour!
  • I'm not patient. I can't wait much longer. New album must be more than imminent.
  • I need a new album. I need it now.
  • You are awesome, guys. Dream to see you playing live.
  • I've been patient enough, GIVE ME A NEW FUCKING ALBUM!
  • It's almost 2 years since we had a new album, sort it out.
  • Have they found a new bassist yet? I'm free :P Look like their going more electronic for there next album. Should be good
  • reminds me slightly of muse...sometimes, at least...
  • Loved this band!
  • legal
  • Come to Brazil, please. (2)
  • Tanta foto boa aí. Tira essa merdinha e coloca outra, meu.
  • Massively underrated band [2]
  • Come to Brazil, please.
  • They need to gig more....
  • Both albums were absolute stormers. TSU <3
  • You Never Party was a proper anthem...
  • Massively underrated band. Breaks your heart when you see some of the shite that get recognition.
  • too underrated
  • cool
  • commercial breakdown <3
  • Awesome band! Love everything they do.
  • even my mum is dancing when she listen this O_o
  • why has Raise the Alarm disappeared from existance? neither spotify nor iTunes recognize it was ever made!
  • true skill
  • Come to Berlin, please!!!
  • Raise The Alarm was better than Nobodys Coming to Save You
  • Wow, amazing band
  • they are just awesome!
  • Daley (bass) left the band this sucks so much...well anyway cant wait for new single.
  • They SounD Good :P
  • Please come to Florida!
  • New tour dates announced: A Sheffield date, but again, no Leeds date?


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