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  • shiny is good, actually great
  • Now this, sir, is good music
  • perfect
  • Favorite of the Teargarden releases so far. Gotta love the guitar solo.
  • Musically it's definitely good...but I dunno, it just lacks something. maybe it's too shiny.
  • Go go guitar solo!
  • Best SP song Since The Everlasting Gaze.
  • Sounds like Stairway to Heaven [2] ...good
  • sounds really good
  • Sounds like Stairway to Heaven.
  • good
  • Tribute to Starway To Heaven.
  • It may not really be Pumpkins-ish, but I actually really enjoy the unabashed throwback to classic rock here. I guess it's kinda pretentious in a way, but that's okay. It's still awesome.
  • sweet!!!! Great job on this one. Billy is an underrated guitar player
  • Great song. Best in years. [2]
  • Better than ever!
  • not too bad, but sooooo far from the nineties' pumpkins!
  • Wow! Discovered this just now. Jaw dropping.
  • Great song. Best in years.
  • this is good!
  • nice dualharmonics
  • What's the name of youre Son? Mine is Borre!
  • Billy Jagger)))
  • Definitely Stairway to Heaven-ish, but also a sweet song and still the best of the 4 songs so far.
  • welcome back
  • Still blowing me away too. The best of Teargarden thus far.
  • Brilliant song, amazing solo, good lyrics, great new direction.
  • Cute solo, but that's it. I wish I could love it more, but I share no love for this one :|
  • still torn about this one... haven't decided yet!
  • very well written song, but the drums aren't really doing it for me.
  • Stairway to Heaven, anyone?
  • It's grown on me, but still doesn't give me the buzz that the real Pumpkins give me.
  • This is really good...
  • This song is still blowing me away. Good job, guys.
  • Becoming epic to me!!!
  • The solo seems misplaced in the recorded version. Sounded more climactic when placed right near the end like on most performances floating around YouTube. Definitely lacks something without the horns and Jimmy too but this is still a step up from 90% of SP2's previous output.
  • Solo is great. Don't really like the vocals though.
  • Many More To Come !! ;)
  • Can't believe some folk complain about this. It's free, be happy! Personally I fuckin' love it! Billy is a genius, always has been, always will. He is the Pumpkins after all!
  • Fuck, this is a great song.
  • Deep, and intense
  • I've got a good feeling about the other 43 songs
  • yes! a great song, great guitars and amazing lyrics
  • Epic track... Cant wait for the rest..
  • I approve! ........I like this song!
  • if you don't like this song don't fucking comment it, Billy doesn't owe you fuckers shit. this is a great song, great guitars and amazing lyrics, pumpkins forever!
  • @shagpile Cmon, a band must have only a sound in all its lifetime? So run up to Ramones, AC/DC or Motorhead :) @bybyexoxo Hey, lack of knowing Pumpkins history, we're always listen only to Billy and Jimmy in the end, it's assumed the fisrt and second album was recorded almost all by him, including basses and solos, so... I think you get it
  • @shagpile Cmon, a band must have only a sound in all its lifetime? So run up to Ramones, AC/DC or Motorhead :)
  • Billy could do no wrong anymore. All you guys just dont listen to the Pumpkins enough.
  • Great song! I love it!


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