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  • Avatar für lebital
    funny thing that dub/reggae were actually very influential for a lot of post-punk bands emerging during late 70s and early 80s.
  • Avatar für theFurnacedoor
    The expanded version of Cut is an example of a reissue done right. Still so sad she's gone... :'(
  • Avatar für pvmnt
    They're fucking amazing
  • Avatar für lydiadistracted
    Yes. Just yes.
  • Avatar für Exzart
  • Avatar für chicken-as-fuck
    omg they're wonderful
  • Avatar für Oates_Moustache
    the absolute fucking tits... easily the best thing to come out of punk
  • Avatar für tylerswagar
    Oh my god. Her name sounded like "hurry up". I just got that.
  • Avatar für CompSimpCarl
    the original riot grrls.
  • Avatar für ijilk1
    The Return of the Giant Slits
  • Avatar für RussellChap
    Fucking punks
  • Avatar für S1D1991
    Greetings from Ukraine)
  • Avatar für themotorway
    meh, i mean, ppl who listen to riot grrrl wd like the slits, so why not...even if it's technically not correct. i'm not *offended* by it, just saying.
  • Avatar für JustAKayee
    Why the fuck not?
  • Avatar für gokulol
    Who the fuck is tagging this as riot grrrl? [3]
  • Avatar für DANCECORPS
    Who the fuck is tagging this as riot grrrl? [2]
  • Avatar für scottdoesntknow
    Who the fuck is tagging this as riot grrrl?
  • Avatar für owlies
    Lauryn Hill samples them on her new song, pretty awesome
  • Avatar für Metaknite
    end the riot grrl tag
  • Avatar für Hollie452
    Cut is a great album, wish it wasn't so hard to get hold of their second album. Even if I didn't like it it would just be nice to hear where they went from Cut.
  • Avatar für flowersonthewal
    inspired the coolest slits :) http://ryanfrailich.bandcamp.com/track/you-fell-into-my-grave
  • Avatar für igloopieface
    havin a slitsy kind of night. bummin hard thinking about sweet ari --- thankful i got to see them about a year before she passed. got some lovely photos of her in her hot pink, furry leg warmers, too ♡ rip
  • Avatar für chivesontheweb
    I finally got around to listening to Return of the Giant Slits. Now I'm sorry that I put it off for so long, because it's pretty nice!
  • Avatar für Punk_Life75
    Why can they not be tagged Riot Grrrl, surely Ari was the epitome of a riot grrl. She truly did what she wanted and didn't care what society thought of her. A lot of the actual riot grrrl bands where just conforming to an image they wanted to portray where Ari did it her way.
  • Avatar für Nimbie
    Who keeps tagging them as "riot grrrl"? Stop it, it's stupid. Ari Up was a true rebel girl, but there was no Riot Grrrl! movement in 70s.
  • Avatar für chainy_rabbit
  • Avatar für bingbongbilly
    10 quid for the lot...we paid f*ck all!
  • Avatar für Nimbie
    Why is Return of the Giant Slits so unpopular? I'd say, it's as good as "Cut", and even more interesting and experimental.
  • Avatar für muteoff
    Their version of Grapevine is beautifully twisted.
  • Avatar für mutantorgans
    mutant reggae punk
  • Avatar für elegiak
    DOCUMENTARY ABOUT WOMEN IN PUNK MUSIC made by Zillah Minx (Rubella Ballet) : http://odvievonvegas.blogspot.fr/2012/05/shes-punk-rocker-uk.html
  • Avatar für badwolf_TMC
    Happy Birthday Ari Up. Gone but not forgotten.
  • Avatar für scottdoesntknow
    I can believe Ari died, but not as soon as she did. Does anyone know what kind of cancer she had? I've been listening to "Cut" for the past few days and can't get it out of my head.
  • Avatar für JohnyChhet
    Psychic Dancehall! http://wp.me/pLKms-1YF
  • Avatar für blixt
    I still cannot believe Ari died. what an amazing woman
  • Avatar für Conebeast
    lol @ them being tagged Riot Grrrl
  • Avatar für outrenoir
    Cut has more than enough listeners someone be brave and try Return of the Giant Slits already :) :( :)
  • Avatar für DubheSjel
    got their cd ;)
  • Avatar für laszlozoltan
    thank you but I was merely being a bit facetious
  • Avatar für death_in_april
    @laszlozoltan I remember reading in the book Cinderella's Big Score that Ari-Up said that they wanted a short, spiky name and The Slits stuck :)
  • Avatar für laszlozoltan
    why did they call themselves the slits ?
  • Avatar für WatsonPepeLives
  • Avatar für la-brava
    nice band
  • Avatar für TREMOLO69
    james chance
  • Avatar für toztizokzndz
    or the cramps.
  • Avatar für onliest
    is there like, a male version/counterpart of this band? like, a group that has a lead male vocalist who sings the way ari up does, all sexual and moany and perverse, that kind of shit? i want that.
  • Avatar für BRIARDXA
    A tribute to Ladies in: http://darkxodia.blogspot.com/
  • Avatar für Damn7Boy7
    Learn more about modern russian underground scene! http://www.drunkenrussians.blogspot.ru
  • Avatar für RadinDropD
    RIP Ari Up. You continue to inspire.
  • Avatar für creepinmaster
    Just wow oO I love those chicks!


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