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Exile on Main Street
The Rolling Stones

Exile on Main Street


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  • Masterpiece!!
  • rating 10/10
  • THE stones album.
  • Should be called Exile on Main St., rather than Street.
  • The bonus disc is GREAT!!!
  • Bob Dylan's Stealing of James Damiano's Songs
  • This record exiles any other album.
  • Ahh, this album has really been hitting the spot lately. *purrs*
  • I don't have to fix anything, has to.
  • Stones at their best. [2]
  • dis nigga have balls
  • 1968 to 1972 was their best era and this one is their best. [2]
  • My favourite album by the Stones with Let It Bleed
  • their best album, my fav album
  • Stones at their best.
  • (FIX your tags) [3]
  • LOL
  • their best album
  • 1968 to 1972 was their best era and this one is their best.
  • (FIX your tags) [2]
  • el mejor disco de morritos jagger a company, una joya ,y en u.s.a.batió record de ventas.considerado un albun muy americano
  • Someone broke into my car and stole my piece of shit stereo faceplate but left my remastered CD of this album in the process. The original mix WAS better, but come on man, what the fuck are you going to accomplish with just a faceplate?
  • The stones are the undisputed heavyweight champions
  • Loving Cup,my fave on here
  • Just chiming in with a tired cliche: The greatest rock and roll album ever.
  • Tumbling dice, tumbling dice <3
  • one of the finest records of all time [2]
  • (with dot in url) right tag
  • right tag is "Exile On Main St.", please fix! :) [2]
  • right tag is "Exile On Main St.", please fix! :)
  • Live in Australia! - The Rolling Stones - Black Strap Jaket - 1973 >>
  • Brilliant
  • The Rolling Stones - Live - Headin' For an Overload - 1973 >>
  • bambam
  • rock n roll
  • definitely of the greatest records ever made
  • hm
  • one of the finest records of all time
  • Amazingly good.
  • More fun than any great album I can think of. It somehow has a spirit of malevolence -or, vitality- in it. If I could live my life in the spirit of this album it wouldn't be a life wasted, for sure.
  • masterpiece
  • sehr gut
  • i love the murk, mang. i cant believe i still think this is a masterpiece three years after I first started listening to it
  • mick's singing in rocks off is a masterpiece.
  • casino boogie <3
  • this album ROCKS!!!!
  • pure rock n roll
  • Masterpiece!
  • the perfect mix of blues,rock and country


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