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  • So sad Guy ended up as a policeman :/
  • horosho
  • fuck stop policing people, Guy. gimme a fuckin new album before my neck veins implode
  • fed through the teeth machine has some serious riffage going on
  • I honestly wouldn't call The Red Chord deathcore. They're closer to deathgrind with some DEP influence. They sound more like Cephalic Carnage than like Suicide Silence.
  • Lucky fuckers on the east coast, I would give my left nut to see that festival :(
  • They'll be at New England Metal Fest too
  • Please write a new album! \\m/
  • They just got announced for some festival in Japan. Didn't see that coming.
  • come back. please? n-n
  • Totally agree concerning Hate Eternal-, DEP- and ND-similarities. I even think they have a bit of groove-southern stuff in their sound.
  • one of the members is a cop now, so not at the moment anyway.
  • So, are these guys still a band?
  • I'd say they are more of crazy and absurd mix of Hate Eternal, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Napalm Death, doesn't really make them deathcore imo....
  • Why are these guys so good yet have no fucking tabs online from their latest album.
  • They're Deathcore.
  • the red chode
  • very good live
  • These guys have death metal influences, hardcore, grind, etc. I don't know if Deathcore is appropriate for them or not, but then again I don't really care that much. I don't like many deathcore bands, but I do love these guys, regardless of genre titling. New material would be cool, or a tour, as they are a good live band. Fused Together In Revolving Doors is still my favorite album of theirs.
  • This band>>>>>Whatever shitty Deathcore band you listen to [4]
  • Good band!
  • Not really deathcore are they? Not really Grindcore are they? You people are fucking stupid.
  • This band>>>>>Whatever shitty Deathcore band you listen to [3]
  • This band>>>>>Whatever shitty Deathcore band you listen to
  • does this band still exist?
  • Guy Kozowyk is a god damn cop now. Like for reals. So I don't think any material will be forthcoming for a while.
  • [url=]My Bitter Half[/url] | [url=]Facebook[/url] MY BITTER HALF | THE DARKNESS IS COMING (EP) NEW!!! Genre: Deathcore [url=]Youtube Full EP Preview[/url] | [url=]Mediafire Download EP[/url]
  • Nice Highway Metal
  • @xVictimOfADownx : They're around, but they're taking their sweet-ass time to get something new out.
  • What the fuck is going on with these guys? Haven't heard anything in a long time now...
  • If Malevolent Creation, Napalm Death, Animosity and The Dillinger Escape Plan would have had a baby, it would have been called 'The Red Chord' :D
  • Yeah, this band is really good.
  • I like deathcore alot, I love it even, and I love TRC just as much, because that's what they are - genuine deathcore, eventhough most people don't agree with that, but they pretty much started this shieeet
  • "Corekids don't seem to like TRC too much either - too fucking intense for them." I've noticed this and I don't get this at all, I find that most people who like TRC are generally people that don't like deathcore much at all.
  • Fucking fuck this band is exactly what I want from metal. There's no pin pointing this band to a specific genre, so just enjoy what they've brought into this world and shut your goddamn bitch face up
  • I'd say these guys are tech death + noise + grind + hardcore punk influences. Definitely on a whole another level compared to what's come to be known as deathcore these days. I believe one of them even said in an interview that Suicide Silence sucks. Corekids don't seem to like TRC too much either - too fucking intense for them.
  • Guy's a fucking NARC now. Peace
  • The Red Chord’s [url=]Guy Kozowyk[/url] is a police officer now.
  • lol at deathcore pussies who cant sit through '"three minutes of harsh noise" on Sixteen Bit Fingerprint. It's actually only 2 min. and not so harsh. and fuck you)
  • They're like deathcore's roots extended far past the genre's natural course of evolution, if you will. [2] Word.
  • why have these guys gone off the grid ? :(
  • Sixteen Bit Fingerprint still holds true. Too many sick fucks playing violent video games.
  • TRC aren't really deathcore... or they are, but in the purest sense of "death metal + metalcore" rather than the Suicide Silence-ish sound that the genre's now associated with. They're like deathcore's roots extended far past the genre's natural course of evolution, if you will.
  • You guys are all wrong. It's [tag]post-ironic beardcore[/tag]. Get it straight.
  • No, I don't think that I am able continue living with people who says bullshit about the "true tags" of this band. @TheSorrowspell, yes this is Deathcore.
  • This is not Deathcore.
  • No, it's Extreme Mariachi Country-Gore
  • This is pre-Stoner Psychedelic Tango


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