• My first post

    20. Apr. 2008, 16:56 von kunishi

    I just listened The Real Group's album Stämning. Yeah, this is so old album, I know, but I'm still a beginner for them. What a beautiful harmony! I have listened many of the songs in this album (actually Alfvén, Stenhammar, Peterson-Berger, ... those are my favorite composers), but The Real Group's harmony is the clearest, the calmest, and the purest one.
  • My growing record collection (constantly updated)

    7. Sep. 2007, 20:28 von mightythor83

    I've been meaning to post this a long time now. I'm a guy brought up in a Christian home, and when I was 13 years old I discovered Petra. Mainly their lyrics helped me through my teen years. After a few years, I had almost every single album they had ever put out. Including the compilations. Later I discovered that Star Song Records put out so many compilations because Petra had been there in the 80's and released their most selling albums there. So the motive was just greed. After I was done with Petra I wondered what to do. So I discovered Rebecca St James, Five Iron Frenzy, Third Day and probably a few more during an intense phase of downloading music on the net. Today I got Jamiroquai's album Dynamite. Does anyone know if this is his "best" album? I've heard about A Funk Odyssey too, but I couldn't find it in that record store. Anyway, the point of this entry is to show you my record colllection.

    Various artists: Absolute Rock Classics
  • The live experience

    25. Feb. 2007, 13:32 von wallekjaer

    Taking the good examle of my brother sakkle, I compiled a list of the bands and artists I have seen live. The list does not make me proud just yet, but that is something I will have to remedy...

    The Real Group ( God knows how many times )
    Ozzy Osbourne
    DumDum Boys
    CC Cowboys
    The Beach Boys
    Postgirobygget ( x4 )
    Gipsy Kings
    Fiction Plane
    Kaizers Orchestra ( x3 )
    The Cumshots ( x2 )
    deLillos ( 4x )
    Odd Nordstoga ( x2 )
    The Brass Brothers ( x2 )
    + lots of lokal bands and probably some that slipped my mind...
  • My music library A-Z

    29. Dez. 2006, 22:13 von Birgit

    I hope I've gotten this meme right; I am noting "first" and "last" as the alpbabetically first and last, and not the artist I first ever listened to for each letter. I also go by last names where applicable.

    First: ABBA
    Favourite: a-ha
    Last: Air

    First: Baba Nation
    Favourite: The Beatles
    Last: Buena Vista Social Club

    First: Café Del Mar
    Favourite: The Cardigans
    Last: The Cure

    First: Dalbello
    Favourite: Deep Purple
    Last: Duran Duran

    First: Eagles
    Favourite: Evanescence
    Last: Everything But the Girl

    First: Julian Fauth
    Favourite: Ibrahim Ferrer
    Last: Agnetha Fältskog

    First: Jan Garbarek
    Favourite: Guru
    Last: Buddy Guy

    First: Sophie B Hawkins
    Favourite: Lauryn Hill
    Last: Dan Hylander

    First: Incognito
    Favourite: Incognito
    Last: It's Immaterial

    First: Janet Jackson
    Favourite: Jamiroquai
    Last: Norah Jones

    First: Yoko Kanno
    Favourite: Alicia Keys
    Last: Kool & the Gang

    First: Cyndi Lauper
  • The Real Group

    4. Sep. 2006, 14:28 von yamarro

    今日、The Real Groupというスウェーデンのアカペラグループのコンベンション=ライヴに行ってきました。大使お墨付きのこのグループ、なんせ場所がスウェーデン大使公邸!空中庭園のようなテラスに囲まれて、大使専属シェフが振る舞うスウェーデン料理バイキングつき。やはりお目当てはスモークサーモン、おい〜しかったなあ、やっぱり。SAS(スカンジナビア航空)のサーモンマリネつき機内食ファンとしては、シャケの形をしたメタルのまな板みたいのにズラーっと敷き詰められたサーモン、これはもう夢見心地、目はシロクマのように血走って並んでる人たちをあおりまくり、赤ワインをわざわざ白に替えたほどでした。あと、キノコかなんかをクリームソースとからめたのが入ったパイのなんとか、いやまだまだたくさん料理があったのになんでもっと食べなかったのか、帰ってから大後悔。

    あ、The Real Groupの話でした。すっかり食べ物につられていました。


    緻(ち)ミーツなアレンジでそれぞれの個性が持ち回りでフィーチャーされ、お互いの音楽性をとても尊重し合うところから生まれる見事なハーモニーは、このグループならではのぬくもり、人柄となって聴く人たち全員をあたたかく包み込んでいたように思います。意外にもカウント・ベイシーのメドレーなどもお得意で、特に曲の変わり目の変貌自在のテンポなどは神業の域、急にしっとりとLil' Darlinが始まったときなどは思わず涙がちょちょギレそうになりました。最後は70年代メドレーとかで、彼らの大先輩にあたるABBAの名曲も織り交ぜて、大盛り上がりでした。

  • My latest concerts..:)

    14. Apr. 2006, 14:00 von FunkyMama

    Farmers Market- Trondheim, 10th of Marts 2006
    Madrugada- Trondheim, 14th of Marts 2006
    Mew- Trondheim, 23rd of Marts 2006
    Amira- Trondheim, 24th of Marts 2006:D
    The Real Group- Hamar, 21st of April 2006
    Motorpsycho- Trondheim, 22nd of April 2006
    Stian Carstensen og Trifon Trifonov duelling in a childrensconsert, Elverum
    6th of august 2006.
    Farmers Market - Elverum, 7th of August 2006
    Tower of Power - Hamar, 1st of September 2006
    Iron Maiden- Banglore, India, 17th of Marts 2007
    Porcupine Tree - Rockefeller, Oslo, 11th of july 2007
    Farmers Market - Hamar, 11th of august 2007
    [event=]Rock Ness[/event] - Festival at Søre Osen, 18th of August 2007
    The Blues Brothers Band - Hamar, 1st of September 2007
  • Shufflegame-thing

    13. Mär. 2006, 17:48 von Arienne

    I'm quite bored and found this in a friends journal... well, now I know everything about myself!

    Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle.
    Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the song
    titles as your answers. NO CHEATING!

    How does the world see me?
    Song: Joline
    Artist: Dolly Parton
    My Comments: Because I also take other peoples men and is a beauty beyond compare? well... Or maybe my name is really Joline, I'm secretly adopted!

    Will I have a happy life?
    Song: I miss you
    Artist: Marit Bergman
    My Comments: Someone misses me? aww. Or I will miss someone throught all my life. Whei..

    What do my friends really think of me?
    Song: Senzafine
    Artist: Lacuna Coil
    My Comments: ehm, they think I'm weird? I really don't know if that means something.

    Do people secretly lust after me?
    Song: Frank Sinatra
    Artist: Cake
    My Comments: They lust after me like they lust after Frank Sinatra?.. well...

    How can I make myself happy?
  • Last.fm needs to stream more a cappella music!!

    8. Okt. 2005, 17:48 von ReContraMil

    I think this radio needs to stream more vocal jazz and a cappella groups! Take 6, The Real Group, The Swingle Singers,Vox One.... the list goes on...

    What can we do to speed up the process and get them on here?