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  • Avatar für Hullabaloolaloo
  • Avatar für clanscot
    So true, Time for independence. Its a lie that Scots take hand outs from the English, Every nation runs at a deficit, thats why Goverments need to borrow. However, Scotland is in surplus while the English are running a deficit. Wake up people, the only people that benefit from Scotland is London. Scotland will be the 4th richest country in Europe, based just on oil revenue alone. Its also a lie that we are runing out of oil, we just found loads more!!!! Taxes, yr kidding. Get ur facts right dont base yr understanding in racism.
  • Avatar für escocial
    Nothing of the sort. Have a bit of our tidal energy and tourism while you're at it! Though while you're at it fuck that animosity between english and scots too. I live in england and it's great so neh!
  • Avatar für CDPETE01
    you dont mind taking our taxes,think about it.
  • Avatar für GarethSherry
    Dam right robertfjr, margarine is shite! Fact!
  • Avatar für Tatty73
    Neither kin aye.
  • Avatar für eyf
  • Avatar für OliverTho
  • Avatar für robertfjr
    Hate magarine..prefer butter always.
  • Avatar für rainelionheart
    I can say "Saskatchewan" without starting to stutter.


I could tell the meaning of a word like serene
I got some 'O' Grades when I was sixteen
I can tell the difference between margarine and butter
I can say \"Saskatchewan\" without starting to stutter

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