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  • It's those 80s big beat overproduction drums. Everybody was doing it
  • We fight for love!
  • excelent
  • The drums! Power Station had the absolute crushing, wildest drums for a pop band back then. Just listen to how Get It On and Some Like It Hot start. Damn!
  • Nice!
  • Tony Thompson also hooked up with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck to form The Honeydrippers as well..
  • Classical!!! :-)
  • Incredible band, the first album is fantastic, absolutely flawless. The guitar solo on SOME LIKE IT HOT is mindblowing!
  • Such a great band. RIP Robert Pslmer
  • I remember being a teenager dancing to this tracks... had no idea what they really meant... ;) still great "some like it hot" what percussion!!!
  • fuck, i love them. "still in your heart" is the kind of song i will take to the grave with me. SO EPIC
  • Love this band an Robert Palmers voice is GOD like
  • lmao, gotta love Family Guy references. I'm going to give this band a listen.
  • SO DO I
  • Heard their version of "Let's Get It On" last night - so good. Where's it at?
  • They did a song for the movie Commando, But I can't find it anywhere.
  • The Power Station were HIGHLY underrated, but this was essentially a 'supergroup' with Robert Palmer on lead vocals, Tony Thompson from Chic on drums, plus Andy and John Taylor from Duran Duran! Their debut album I bought on CD the very first time I heard their version of "Get It On (Bang A Gong)", it absolutely rocked! Their second album "Living In Fear" is much less known but is pretty good overall, though not nearly as good as the debut. RIP Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson, a hell of a loss those 2 artists.
  • feeel the heeeat !!!!!!
  • Get it on (Bang a Gong)!! Best Remake of anything EVER!!! Damn, they rocked!! :-)
  • Notoriety is the BEST track on this page, in my most humble of opinions. It deserves much more love that it has gotten. *Goes off to listen to it some more*
  • Harvest for the world was a great track
  • ruhlarına el fatiha
  • Our communication must be soon! ;-)
  • or is it fountain
  • i am a mountain, surrounded by your love; you are the mountain that dreams are made of
  • why this band is overlooked and underrated, I'll never know. It demonstrated how creative Duran Duran members were. And led by Robert Palmer, they couldn't loose. RIP Robert!
  • Finally there is a group devoted to [group]The Power Station[/group]! Check it out! :)
  • <------- Totally agrees with mb7557j
  • This is when music was music............
  • harvest for the world is the best! along with Notoriety!
  • Some Like It Hot is a great song. I love the fierce drums in it.
  • Fighting over whether Power Station or Arcadia is better is like asking the guy in the electric chair if he wants AC or DC. It's all good. It sure as hell shows even before Medazzleland what each part of Duran Duran brought to the table - and WOW the drum work on this was what finally sold me on Chic.
  • O zamanın şartlarına uyan bir grup bu!Güzel soundlarıyla en iyisini vermeye çalışmışlar...
  • Takes me back to 1984..This album rocks!
  • So where is Bang a gong?!! My fav!
  • Those drums were indeed vicious...and I mean that in a good way.
  • @bAzTNM: The drummer in Power Station is (was) the late Tony Thompson. Tony used to be in 70's band Chic. At Live Aid in '85 he played with Phil Collins and the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, and joined Crown of Thorns in the early 90's. Tony died in 2003 as did Robert Palmer so no more Power Station :(
  • the power station is great. both records. the first 33 and a 3rd and living in fear. hope all is well? keep Powering laura
  • haha. Commando ist Krieg!!
  • HPH
    Arcadia >>> The Power Station
  • The Power Station own so much LOL!!11one!1 <3 them forever.
  • I love We Fight For Love and Some Like It Hot.
  • Some like it hot, Communication, We fight for love, Murderess are probably the best Power Station songs. All the rest are a bit average.
  • The worst band ever?
  • Notoriety is one of my favorites! :D
  • I love the drummer in this band. Whoever it is. Sounds tremendous.
  • great band and my fav Duran Duran spinoff


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