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Bunch of scroungy kids from Bakersfield, CA that play some truly righteous emotional music in the vein of Hated, Evergreen, and some other bands that shared those same characteristics. All of their albums have been released on very plain Jane black vinyl outside of Don’t Need Regret, the newest (and most likely last) of their albums.

Discography is as follows:

1999-ish - Demo Tape #1 *OUT OF PRINT*
1999-ish - Demo Tape #2*OUT OF PRINT*
2000 - Self-titled 7” (ltd to 500 *OUT OF PRINT*)
2001 - Self-titled LP (ltd to 500 *OUT OF PRINT*)
2001/2002 - Homeless Life 7” (ltd to 500 *OUT OF PRINT*)
2002 - Lead Blocks for Feet LP (ltd to 700; 230 w/ Black ink, 470 w/ Brown ink, 70 Fabric Tour covers, 100 Fabric Tour CDrs *OUT OF PRINT*)
2003 - Self-titled CD (Contains 1st LP and 1st 7” songs *OUT OF PRINT*)
2004 - Wayfarers All Comp LP (ltd to 700 *OUT OF PRINT*)
2004 - Split 7” with Saddest Landscape (ltd to 700 *OUT OF PRINT*)
2004 - Days Slipping By CD (ltd to 1000; 80 tour copies, 30 copies w/ polka dot bag *OUT OF PRINT*)
2004 - Days Slipping By LP (ltd to 700; 35 West Coast tour covers, ?? European tour covers *OUT OF PRINT*)
2005 - This is Your Life Comp LP (ltd to 600)
2005 - Split 7” with La Quiete (ltd to 470 regular, 80 pre-order copies, 25 mail order copies, 25 white vinyl copies)
2005 - Don’t Need Regret LP (800 black, 100 white, 100 clear; various amounts of each color have East Coast Tour LP packaging)
2005 - Acoustic CD-R (ltd to 61 *OUT OF PRINT*)
200? - Rare tracks + live cassette (ltd to ???)

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