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  • When rap had a sense of humor. Check out the vid of Biz Markie 'Friends' and they are on the bench saying your momma jokes.
  • This is so funny
  • back to elementary school!
  • Your momma was an extra on the Simpsons
  • Beat is bangin.
  • nice, I remember yo mama jokes lol
  • Spit comes out that bitch mouth when she talks!
  • What a great song.
  • Her middle name is Mudbone, and on top of all that...
  • ya mama's got a glass eye wit a fish in it
  • heavy rotation in the 90's
  • hilarious tune.
  • "your momma's a sellout nigga" lol
  • cheered me up no end
  • i forgot about that one!
  • I gotta admit, I've used some of these yo mama jokes on people, and only about three people knew where I got them from. Love this tune.
  • hahahaha
  • word up broshot
  • ya mama's got an afroooooooooo with a chin strap
  • Nice.
  • Ya mama's a sellout.
  • We rode up on her back to get some burgers from Wendy's and her skates went flat; I got stuck in her butt crack They thought I was lost but I was caught by the G-strap
  • How fat is she?
  • yo mamas an extra on the simpsons and shit
  • Ya mama got a glass eye w/ a fish in it!
  • we went to the drive thru and we didnt have to pay because we dressed her up to look just like a chevrolet
  • imagine combining Ya Mama with Fat Girls from N.W.A.
  • :D old school!!
  • yo mama got a peg leg with a kick stand...say word?
  • yo mama
  • I haven't heard this song in so long! Love it.
  • ♥♥♥♥ sweet memories ;)
  • The song is awesome, but the Mama jokes at the end are the worst I've ever heard in my life. They should have left that part out.
  • I got a soft spot in my heart for Ya Momma jokes.
  • loooooool =D
  • She ain't pretty, oh what a pity, got a glass titty filled with Kool Aid just for the kiddies.... Brilliant!
  • These instrumentals and rhymes are so infectious!
  • classic ..
  • i wish there was more artists like these guys who dont take their music seriously
  • Pharcyde, close to perfection
  • sooo 90s ;)
  • "ya mama, ya mama ya mama"
  • Remember listening to this when i was like 10 - I still love it to this day
  • Brilliant song.
  • "ya mama's got an afro, with a chin strap!!" omg this song makes me laugh everytime...
  • Not included in the song........ yo mama so stupid she thought a quarterback was a refund........... No, no Yo' mama so black she bleeds smoke...........
  • ya mama's got a pegleg with a kick stand.........
  • Cant stop. Wont stop.
  • funny one


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