• Thoughts on the album "The Peach Tree - Psychosis" by the creator, me.

    6. Okt. 2007, 9:25 von gamoneterik

    I started making Psychosis about a year ago, in late 2006, when I was feeling a bit down. I had broken up with my girlfriend earlier in the year, and the subsequent months were torturous. I was smoking lots of pot and kept to myself, writing music for the album Fabric. When I did go out I lost control and said and did some stupid things. I lost a lot of friends and credibility. I finished the Fabric album in a stony haze of woe and regret, and feeling like I had once again fallen short of the mark, I pushed music aside for a little while. As time went along I was constantly seeking to re-establish a grounding on my own, re-establish connections and prove to myself that I could be a good person.

    What came out of this period was a higher sense of self-awareness, where I realised that I was jerk in a number of ways, and I sat down and thought how I could make my life better. As is often the case with me, my thoughts presented themselves as music, and the first glimpses of what would be the Psychosis album started to appear. …