• May Chart toppers: Chez Musinum Artists, Albums, and Tracks

    6. Jun. 2008, 13:17 von musinum

    Each week I list the top 15 Chez Musinum connected artists who appear on our group charts, extending the list to include any ties. The bottom tier is given one point for the week, and each additional listener counts as an additional point.

    Let's say there is a six-way tie for 13th place one week, at four listeners. Since the next tier would start at 19th place, those 6 artists are the bottom tier and get one point apiece. Those with five listeners would get 2 points, and those with ten listeners would get 7 points. If the bottom tier is at three listeners the following week, that tier would get 1 point and ten listeners would be worth 8 points.

    The monthly score is just the sum of the weekly scores. (Note that even though an artist who gets points one week may have one or more listeners in another week, those won't count unless the rank is 15 or higher.)

    Two more lists are produced, one for albums and one for tracks, following similar rules, with one difference:

  • Bumper Bulletin from Pixies Palace

    12. Mai. 2008, 5:50 von Pixieguts

    Lots of independent music news in this latest bulletin from Pixies Palace!

    Pilot of the Future is the major standout in this week's top charting independent tracks, albums and artists connected to Pixies Palace. This is a project of brothers Mirko (aka Deepspace) and Jeremy Ruckels. Congratz on the amazing charts result guys! Full details below.

    Specially featured this newsletter is a brilliant independent artist network out of Brighton UK - EI Network. The network has a new podcast just out yesterday, it's crazzzy and the music is wild and pumpin', check it out!


    The podcast is created by Cinema du Lyon and is freely and easily downloadable from The Electric Tea Party site. Cinema du Lyon are new to Last.fm and make great music of their own, really worth having a listen to their eclectic electronic sounds.

    Artists in the podcast include: Corrientes, Crimson Death, lady venom, Gary Hunter, Cixxx j and others.
  • The Peach Tree Videos

    8. Mai. 2008, 22:38 von gamoneterik

    Know The Peach Tree as that guy that makes all that pounding electronica? Well it all started very differently. The first two songs I ever wrote were acoustic pop songs called The Colour Of Your Eyes and 17. I enjoy whipping out the guitar every now and then and playing these songs when I'm hanging out with friends.

    Just recently I did an open mic night at The Bendigo Hotel where I played these two beautiful songs, and the 10 minute epic "A Change Of Perception", all of which can be found on the album The Gus Sessions, and it was recorded on film.

    So without further ado, I welcome you to the realm of Peach Tree Videos, right here on Last.fm :)

    I'm quite happy with the performance, it's some of the best singing I've ever done, and the videos capture a really nice live atmosphere.

    Please listen, and leave comments if you wish.

    Hope you are all well.

    -Peace and Love,