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  • can I love this a million times?
  • Fucking amazing. Challengers is a goddamn beautiful album all the way through.
  • Saw them twice live, they did not play it live twice. </3 Best song EVAH.
  • Best song on Challengers.
  • awmcdaniel - they actually wrote this song about NYC harbour - duh!
  • Yes very Pixies-esque. Also there's plenty of songs that were not written by dan bejar that are qualified as their "best material".
  • Pixies?
  • Quite literally my favorite song.
  • colour.
  • As a New York City resident, I am offended by the title of this song. We have only Myriad Harbors here, Canada!
  • SO glad they played this at Lollapalooza!!!
  • Los reyes del subidón!
  • Favorite!
  • "All I ever wanted help with was you." <3
  • Ah who cares you always end up in the city.
  • dan bejar pretty much wrote pretty much all of the new pornographers' best material
  • this song always makes me smile
  • Song!! YOOUU! How could it not be here.
  • best song on Challengers by far. one of the best on their entire catalogue
  • "All I ever wanted help with was YOU."
  • If you like this song you should check out American Rock by Denim. I'm pretty sure Dan Bejar is a fan of Felt/Denim.
  • Do you think the girls here ever wonder how they got so pretty? Well I do....look out upon the myriad harbourrrr
  • this song sticks in the brain like a 4chan meme. But is way cooler :)
  • Is Myriad Harbour an actual geographical place or is it a metaphor?
  • ah WHO CARES you always end up in the ci - ty.
  • I love Dan Bejar. I think his songs are the Pornographers' best.
  • god i love this =(
  • ah who cares you always end up in the city
  • First time I've heard it and I'm panting because it's so exciting. Awesome.
  • Without any freaking question this is not only the best song Dan Bejar has ever written (as Destroyer, a Porno or otherwise) but it is hands down the best song of the year by any band. Perfect, perfect, jammin' little poem of a song. Wow.
  • Someone somewhere asked me, is there anything in particular I can help you with? All I ever wanted help with was you... <333
  • God, this is just lovely. Best track on Challengers by far. Some lyrics would be great, though =/
  • in the CI-TEE!!!
  • love it!!!!!
  • ..........who cares; you always end up in the city!
  • Undeniably too cool for school.
  • ... Dan Bejar!
  • definitely too cool for school
  • Without a doubt, the best track on Challengers. Bejar ftw!
  • Dan Bejar!
  • Dan Bejar!
  • anybody got lyrics?
  • The entire song is too cool for school.
  • The start of this song is just too cool for school
  • AH who cares you always end up in the ciTY!
  • challengers is pretty nice
  • Dan's songs are usually my faves.


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