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  • I'm in love with this short-living project for ten years now. Personally, I consider it as a kind of FotN 'lost album' somewhere between Elizium and what they recorded after the latter band's reunion. I mean especially the lyrical motives, the general dark occult mood from The Nephilim and Elizium that is here so clearly preserved, almost intact. Zoon is surely one of the most extraordinary examples of marriage of goth and metal ever conceived!
  • i came to this from FotN and wasn't expecting much based on what other people had said about it, but we were all wrong.
  • Such an amazing singer and probably about the darkest as it gets. My dad actually knew Carl when he and his band were just starting out. He used to go around to Carl's flat as he was best mates with his brother. They used to go gigging togather back in the 80s and didn't live far from me. It's like a train ride away in Stevenage true story <3 < :D
  • Carl is awesome. I love the lyrics.. Some book of Enoch references.
  • One of the best fucking albums of all time!
  • The Nefilim > All other goth metal.
  • Mirror, Mirror This is the place Where love is broken down I'm barely free As I want you now Misery - seems so cold out Misery - am I dead now :D
  • word amazing isn't enough here!
  • 'Zoon' is utterly utterly amazing. And if you look at the spine of the CD, you'll see it's credited to 'The Nefilim'. Even though the actual album art says 'Nefilim'. So meh.
  • I need to update my assessment a little. AMAZING FUCKING BAND HERE, SERIOUSLY FUCKING AMAZING. There.
  • Very, very good band here. I always avoided Nefilim thinking the mixture of classic FOTN styled goth rock and metal would sound like manure, but surprisingly (or maybe not) this is very classy stuff. Too bad just one album came of this.
  • The Nefilim was big inspiration for Tom G Warrior from legendary Celtic Frost
  • right. there never was any THE in the band name, but there was a THE in the "fields" though it's skipped ;)
  • EXCELLENT band, awesome album, but - oh dear - shouldn't be called THE Nephilim, though, since the album cover and the past interviews by Carl clearly called the band simply NEFILIM.
  • very good
  • Good album, FotN, Earth Inferno far superior.
  • Zoon goes past the point of greatness. I almost love fields as much.
  • great!!)))))
  • Yes, much darker and heavier than FoTN.
  • McCoy gone crazy over here. Brutality suits him.
  • Penetrating.....
  • Ah, but could you bear to lose her?
  • Industrial? Lolwut.
  • Zoon is definitely one of a kind. It's really sad that it got so little attention. It was not what the fans expected, but it was a dark, industrial-tinged metal album of a quality yet to be matched, in my experience.
  • Love this project Carl did. I wish they made more :( I can never get enough of this album.
  • ZOON's one of those amazign albums with no fillers, no weak links. It sure was big change in both style AND sound to the earlier FoTN but oh man did it ever turn an update on the Mourning Sun.
  • Xoduuuuuus!
  • SHINE =) !!!!
  • "zoon" is my favourite album of all times... i listen to it every single day, at least one song. the "melt" one has the perfect atmosphere of a nightmare!
  • Psychotica is back, enjoy : ) http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=qO7Ay8QZv_A http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=amQDDq7dUVA&feature=related ...and the notice!!: http://toxicshockrecords.com/Psychotica.html
  • Penetration is one mean, dark song. :)
  • magick.
  • yes, it does
  • This band rocks ;D

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