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The National

The Geese of Beverly Road (4:56)


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  • so good it hurts
  • we won't be disappointed, we'll fight like girls for a place at the table, some room on the floor
  • one of their absolute bests.
  • The opening reminds me of the opening to Talk Talk's the Rainbow.
  • serve me the sky with a big slice of lemon
  • This is, IMHO, the best song they've ever written. I can't even really put into words the level of mixed emotions that it evokes. Pure brilliance and one of my favorite songs ever.
  • we're drunk & sparkin' our legs are open, our hands are covered in cake but i swear we didn't have any, i swear we didn't have any
  • oh come, come be my waitress and serve me tonight, serve me the sky tonight
  • <3
  • maybe my favourite National song
  • hey love, we'll get away with it,we'll run like we're awesome, totally genius
  • "we'll wear the blood in our cheeks like red roses"
  • we'll run like we're awesome x
  • This is a prime example of why Alligator is my favourite album by them.
  • Completely amazing.
  • My favorite Alligator's song
  • drums \m/ <3
  • This is just beyond beautiful [3 ]
  • we were here, we were here.
  • can't get enough of this song
  • This is just beyond beautiful <3
  • My favorite Alligator's song
  • Pretty sure they will never write a song prettier than this.
  • <3
  • soooo much talent, & music u can feel!
  • drums. the drums here. they're brilliant, perfect, aaaah. *stream of profound emotions*
  • Damn the last two minutes of this track are brilliant.
  • cute as fuck
  • <3
  • AUS284
  • "Serve me the sky with a big slice of lemon." That line is goddamn magical.
  • we're the heirs to a glimmering shimmerying world
  • Love love love love love love love love this song. This sounds like a fun night.
  • Ooookay... 2nd time I've heard this one today. Love the National, but wish would play some of their other songs...
  • this is inspiring. i love that an artist like the national could have such a large following and get mainstream radio airplay on select stations.
  • anyone know how to edit song info? this is off "alligator" if someone can update the info.
  • This is so beautiful.
  • serve me the sky with a big slice of lemon
  • V.beautiful!!!
  • shhh...listen.
  • One of their best - if not the best.
  • so fucking good
  • I have to say it's their best song. I just love it. It took me some time but I feel so great when I listen to it.
  • One of their best, if it isn't their best
  • our hands are covered in cake, but i swear we didn't have any, i swear we didn't have any.
  • Like a whisper from the girl i love.
  • we're the heirs to the glimmering world
  • DAMN THIS TUNE REALLY, shouts. let's go!
  • "Serve me the sky with a big slice of lemon."
  • Awesome song.


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