• Album Club Pick - The Low Anthem, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin

    9. Mär. 2009, 19:37 von syriat

    This months album club pick came through as a limited edition hand painted CD case. I'd never heard of The Low Anthem before. And normally I would wait longer to review. But whats the point? This is an utterly gorgeous record that needs to be heard.

    It veers between gorgeous harmonies (Charlie Darwin & To Ohio being perfect examples, gravelly Tom Waits sounding upbeat numbers (The Horizon Is A Beltway & Home I'll Never Be) and then even numbers that go further afield - Ticker Taker sounds like Leonard Cohen.

    The way it veers between the different styles threw me on first listen. But now it just is seemless. I have only mentioned the first few tracks above but this keeps its quality throughout. Champion Angel is a track I keep coming back to for it brilliance.

    Listening to this you feel you are privileged to be listening to something beatiful and wonderful. More than that you feel like you are listening to something that going to become much bigger this year. Its like being let in on a secret early. …