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  • This is what I always wanted to hear Norah doing! And these guys in the band with her are TERRIFIC! Can't believe it took me so long to find out about it.
  • I'd like to shine a light on [artist]Daru Oda[/artist], someone I've been very curious about since Norah's [album artist=Norah Jones]Live In 2004[/album] DVD. You might know her as the background/harmony vocalist & flute player in Norah's Handsome Band (& co-writer of some of Norah's songs). Well, she, finally, made an album! [album artist=Daru Oda]We Could Start Raging[/album], available [url=]@ Bandcamp[/url]. Already since some time ago though, '09, Found out when I saw the DVD again recently & started looking around bout what Daru has been up to. U can scrobble Bandcamp when streaming from site. And plz do, cuz on Last.FM she has only 31 Listeners!!! :( boooooo. How to scrobble Bandcamp: [url=]Link[/url], [url=]Link[/url] & [url=]Link[/url]
  • haven't heard them but i should start discovering their discography since i love Norah Jones
  • Good sound, love it.
  • jazz with country soul, very sweet...
  • I LOVE Norah and I don't see why people hate on this band! Yeah I am not a country fan so much but I still love The Little Willies... She just makes it so much better and so much more unique IMO.
  • Easy As The Rain is so melancholy ♥
  • reediting: the two albuns > whole norah's discography
  • New album is SO, SO good.
  • "Feels Like Home" is roadtrip music in the making. Loved it.
  • New album! Yay!
  • it's not fucking with Feels Like Home
  • great new album
  • Hallo, gibt sogar eine CD von the Little Willies, dachte schon Norah hat auch was mit denen zu tun? Gruß Lolamy
  • this record > whole norah's discography
  • I'm just so fucking glad I've found them ;~~
  • I'm so glad I found this. Great stuff
  • great
  • nice, very nice:)
  • jazz with country soul, very sweet... (2) So lovely ♥
  • I just got this album at a clearance sale. It was only selling at $3.95. This is good stuff man
  • I Gotta Get Drunk! XD
  • jazz with country soul, very sweet...
  • She's so smoooooooooooth!
  • Love this. Good ol' Norah J.
  • Streets of Baltimore [Brasil!]
  • Great, Norah, great.
  • Great sound. It reminds me of the scenery while driving through a country setting mid-morning.
  • I'm waitin' to hear some more from you... awesome project!
  • congratulations. I'm is brazilian, but loves your music. *-* kisses
  • Does anybody have the bonus tracks from iTunes? They're offered on an album only basis. :(
  • I <3 Norah! Sweet, sweet, sweet music ...
  • Great album. Can't stop hearing it.
  • This is a really good band.
  • Woo for tiny willies! Hurrah for small cocks! Etc etc, insert other small penis jokes here.
  • Oh.
  • He’s just tippin’ ‘em over, he wasn’t eatin’ ‘em.
  • Lou Reed cow-tipping? Bloody great track, great band, too
  • Roly poly, daddy's little fatty, fatty's gonna be a man some day.
  • Yeah, it's Norah Jones's new band! And this album is fantastic ! ;)
  • Norah Jones's new band?

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