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  • Expected a louder record but love it nevertheless.
  • Guys there's a new song, keep him. Sounds almost liek it should belong to pallers tho.
  • new album please
  • Mr. Johan Angergard is a fuckin genius
  • <3
  • Over and Over es genial. Sucio y con ese toque estridente a lo My Bloody Valentine. Tiene verdaderos himnos indie pop. Me encanta lo melódico de las composiciones y como canta Angergard. Fue un gran descubrimiento.
  • weird, public radio is the one i like the least. It has some nice songs like he knows the sun, sure, but overall, as an album, it feels weak, with songs that are too short. I guess it depends on your musical background and shit. My favourite is up against the legends, tho my favourite song is "darling" from facts and figures
  • Extremely underrated. "Public radio" is one of my favorite album ever, love it so much. Hope they'll get more credit for their work in the future...
  • <3 <3 <3 foreverrrr
  • Muito boa a banda, o vocal emociona =)
  • Sooooo underrated!
  • I cannot stop listening to this.
  • listened to 1 track, i'm afraid i'm sold
  • It's too soon to ask for a new album? He's working with AHK, and Club 8 just released their album, so i guess it is. But i want one
  • einer der geilsten bands aus schweden
  • Lucky Star
  • He Knows the Sun has been stuck in my head for about three weeks. And I'm loving it.
  • who cares about these legends
  • There is also a 60's band from Milwaukee called The Legends who made an album called Let Loose in 1962
  • Come and tour UK. Please!
  • my band...hope u like it
  • Darling is so underrated.. it's my favourite song. And probably the best one on facts and figures
  • still haven't got around to getting or even listening to the new album!
  • Widziałem ostatnio występ. Zgadzam się z przedmówczynią. Naprawdę super!!!
  • "Sounds like dream pop meets vacuum cleaner." <3 beautiful noise~
  • Mogłam zobaczyć muzyków na żywo w ostatni weekend. Zagrali wyjątkowy koncert. Dodatkowo organizator pozwolił na wspólną sesję zdjęciową. Dziękuje Solaris Music.
  • Mistrzostwo świata. Widziałem koncert. Grają na żywo prawie dwie godziny. Chylę czoła. Są niesamowici.
  • Hm, i need new stuff. At least one B-side.
  • Great . Great . Great . Great . Great . Great !
  • <3
  • Love the synth on the Facts & Figures album
  • Brilliant band. A worthy standard-bearer to the type of hooky, noisy pop that Jesus & Mary Chain pioneered.
  • anyone that likes the cure, should enjoy The Legends.
  • Sounds like dream pop meets vacuum cleaner.[2] hehe!! what a shout!?!
  • over and over.. is amazing, over and over
  • lyrics (to any album), anybody? :(
  • lyrics (to the new album), anybody? :(
  • You're the first and only one. I think.
  • I'm pretty disappointed at the new album. Nice cover though.
  • awesome, and ilovesweden
  • Recife är tung som fan.
  • Angergård är Kung!
  • it's such an honor for me as a brazilian to see he named one of the songs 'recife' - a brazilian city he visited last year with club 8 (unless it's a coincidence, heh). and i was there. ^^
  • Heartbeats!Heartbeats!Heartbeats!Heartbeats!Heartbeats!Heartbeats!Heartbeats!Heartbeats!Heartbeats!Heartbeats!Heartbeats!
  • I think it's okay the way it is. Very good. When i heard "seconds away" i thought "hmmm too much noise, i don't like this" but now i do. Dancefloor, Touch, Always the same.. great songs. Also, i like the red cover. The cover is very important, changes the way i feel the album. in b4 cool story bro
  • I do wish the new album used a bit more electronica....
  • the new album is L O V E L Y


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