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  • Transition between Laid and Ride a Black Horse is god-tier. So much worth listening to them.
  • This is just damn good!
  • fellow fuzz fans check out
  • Welcome to the Void is indeed putting to trance mode
  • New album sounds like somethin' out of this world.
  • Welcome to the void … best song i’ve ever heard!!!!!
  • Dudes need to get on tour again
  • Welcome to the Void is orgasmic! <3
  • Lies. Welcome to the Void is an amazing song, but hardly the only great song. The Kings work like this; When its good, it's amazing. When its bad, its completely terrible. There aren't a lot of awful songs, so you just delete them and enjoy the rest.
  • oh my goodness! it's absolutely amazing group
  • New release from The Kings Of Frog Island 'Long Live The King' from forthcoming new album
  • bride of suicide is great :)
  • Hello Sunnnnn : }
  • the slate blue sky! f\... a..a..a.a.a.a.a.
  • sadly Welcome To The Void is their only good song :(
  • First album is a masterpiece
  • This band's album 'II' got me into psychedelic rock a while ago. Awesome!
  • i thought Asteroid suck
  • This is band is awesome!
  • it just sucks. I discovered this band 'cause it's like 'similar' to Asteroid. Asteroid is brilliant and awesome, and these just suck.
  • Shit's awesome.
  • II is the best psychedelic stoner rock album I've heard so far
  • I am the keeper of unkeepable bee's..
  • Welcoo-ome...To-ooo the Vooo-ooid....
  • The Kings Of Frog Island I II & III ready for download
  • I,II &III now available on itunes and other online stores.
  • Cherry Choke are set to finish recording their second album 'A night in the arms of Venus' this April. Recorded at Amphibia II with Mark Buteux and Gavin Searle. The new album will be released by Elektrohasch this July on LP & CD.
  • So good it should be official. The Kings of Frog Island with skateboards and surf.
  • Appreciate the update Deadfield.
  • Mathew Bethancourt left The Kings Of Frog Island in 2010 to concentrate on Cherry Choke. Mark Buteaux and Roger ‘Dodge’ Watson are currently working on new recordings under the name of Bull God.
  • love 'em, love 'em, love 'em...................
  • Sadly the new album is tooo psychedelic for me, i rly enjoy their earlier work, think they were too stoned when thy recorded the new one ;P
  • found this band using for firefox. awesome stoner rock!
  • LOve it.
  • just got into these guys, heard about them for a long time, really good jams
  • First one is the best!
  • Great sound
  • II is better than new album
  • Available direct from
  • What's the release date?
  • new album on order!
  • woaaaaahhh woaaa howoa wo ho ho wo ho, yeaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaahhh yeaaaaa aahhh
  • Excellent. A rare band, influences of QOTSA, Kyuss, screaming Trees, Unida and Fu-manchu but managing to hold their own and their own sound.
  • The eagerly anticipated third and final album from The Kings Of Frog Island completes the unique trilogy. A psychotropic journey through the demon infested darklands of the mind, body and soul, released by Elektrohasch July 2010. Just stick it on the back of your tongue and swallow it...
  • very tasty :)
  • trippy as fuck @_@
  • GREAT BAND! GREAT MUSIC! :) I just started 2 listen and I'm lovin it ! (2) damn, that's some great stuff


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