• beautiful

    24. Mai. 2011, 21:31 von the-otherside

    Put your music player, whatever it is, on random or shuffled play.
    Answer these questions with the song you get when you hit the skip button!
    Note: some songs will make sense, others won't. Don't Cheat!

    Which song describes the mood you are in right now?: The Staple Singers - This World
    Which song describes the mood you are usually in?: KANNA - Welcome II
    Which song describes one of your favorites things to do?: The Mountain Goats - Wild Sage
    Which song describes something else you like to do?: Tilly and the Wall - A Perfect Fit
    With these perfect tree branches, though, there’s bound to be a lynching. With the crowd, one side is screaming out; the sound gets overwhelming. And they want you to believe them, yeah, they’d love to see you hanging. And I know the noose is tempting, and it seems like a perfect fit. Don’t go through with it.
    Which song best represents you?: Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers
    The only substance is the fog, and it hides all that has gone wrong. Can’t see a thing inside the maze. …
  • Another one of these things

    27. Jan. 2006, 9:15 von MonkeyHeroes

    As of Jan 26 2006...

    Total Number of Songs:

    Total Length of Music:
    8 days, 15 hours, 25 minutes, 08 seconds

    Sort By Song Title:
    First Song: 007 (Shanty Town)
    Last Song: Zwitter

    Sort By Time:
    Longest Song: your face or your kneecaps (50:22)
    Shortest Song: Micah's Hat - Intro (00:26) (This song doesn't exist according to last.fm)

    Sort By Artist:
    First Song: Mistakes and Regrets (Punctuation gets first apparently)
    Last Song: Olas De Sal

    Sort By Album:
    First Album: Tenth Planet - 12 Inch
    Last Album: Zooropa

    Sort By Genre: (for the few that i've actually bothered to put a genre, or the ones that came with a genre on the tag)
    First Artist: Rockapella (A cappella)
    Last Artist: We Are Scientists (World) (according to my list, at least...i'm too tired to dispute this call)

    Sort By Last Played: (as of 1:31am ish on Jan 27th)
    First Song: Everlong
    Last Song: An Honest Mistake

    Top 10 Most Played: (plus 5 more I added)
    1) Never Tear Us Apart (209)
    2) Replaceable (173)