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The James Taylor Quartet are a British four-piece jazz funk band who have become renowned for their live performances. They were formed by Hammond organ player James Taylor following the break-up of his former band The Prisoners in the wake of Stiff Records' bankruptcy. The core line-up is James Taylor (Hammond organ), Nigel Price (guitar), Gary Crockett (bass) and Neil Robinson (drums) though recordings and live performances usually feature a horn section comprising John Willmott (tenor sax/flute) and Nick Smart (trumpet) and also vocalist Yvonne Yanney.


JTQ releases:
Mission: Impossible (1986)
The Money Spyder (1987)
The First Sixty Four Minutes (1988) Repackage of Mission: Impossible and The Money Spider
Wait a Minute (1988)
Get Organized (1989)
Do Your Own Thing (1990)
Supernatural Feeling (1991)
Absolute (live) (1993)
Extended Play (1994)
BBC Sessions (1995)
In the Hand of the Inevitable (1995)
A Few Useful Tips about Living Underground (1996)
Creation (1997)
Whole Lotta Live (1998)
JTQ, A Collection - the Best of the Acid Jazz Years (1999)
Penthouse Suite (1999)
A Bigger Picture (1999)
Swinging London (2000)
Message From The Godfather (2001)
Room at the Top (2002)
The Oscillator (2003)
A Taste of Cherry (2006)
Picking Up Where We Left Off' (2007)
Don't Mess With Mr. T (2007)
Live At The Jazz Cafe (2008)
New World (2009)

New World (2009)

Bruton library releases:
Swinging London (tbc)
Retro Acid Jazz (1995)
The Hustle (2004)

New Jersey Kings:
Party to the Bus Stop (1992)
Stratosphere Breakdown (1995)
Uzi Lover (2002)

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