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  • Loving
  • One of my favorites bands <3 Please, come to Brazil *-*
  • They are so wonderful
  • Thanks for the info bro. Just don't listen to them if you hate them so much. It's not so hard.
  • this band contains everything i hate about so called indie music...i can't even find a words to describe how bad this is.
  • I'm Biggest fans this Band !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  • Check out my pics of The Head and The Heart's crowd pleasing performance at Riot Fest Toronto:
  • I'm waiting for them here in Brazil.
  • Cats and Dogs brought me here, but Shake made me fall in love. <3 Their lyrics are magic.
  • love.
  • let's be still
  • so after you finish listening to The Head and The Heart, throw on the new Matrimony album. it'll follow them wonderfully and change your life. you won't regret it
  • Soothing
  • Why the second album's songs don't top the chart? I don't understand, you, people!
  • Another Story music video makes me so sad ;-;
  • Do yourself a favor and see them live!
  • Fantastic music.
  • Check out Caffrey for some gorgeous new folk music
  • I can't wait to see them in June.
  • Troian brought me here! [2]
  • Troian brought me here!
  • A few decent songs sprinkled in but overall they are pretty boring.
  • Check The Head and the Heart at Balcony TV Berlin
  • I am hooked on the new album
  • Loving all these "hipster" shouts coming from people who are just trying to show how big their eclectic peen is. Grow up and go away.
  • Last weekend, I went to see The Head and The Heart at a quaint place called The Ritz. I felt like I was in on a secret (along with the other thousand people there) and this show was strategically placed in a speak-easy type of location so only the best fans would know to come. When I entered the building, it transformed into a dark, ominous club jam-packed with anxious fans in every crevice of the large room. Read the rest of my blog at and like us at Find us on Twitter @musicdruthers
  • fuckin catalogue hipsters.
  • Absolute drivel, it sounds like every other 'look at me I'm a unique indie-folk snowflake' album.
  • My Friends <3
  • new album is perfect <3
  • Loving the new album. Took me a few listens to fall in love with some of the songs towards the end of the album, but the beginning is amazing.
  • puh, new album is boring :(
  • Let's Be Still is definitely a solid sophomore release. I am satisfied!
  • If you're looking for some new music like The Head & The Heart, you'll definitely want to check out [artist=]Like Swimming[/artist]! They're a new upbeat, indie pop trio hailing Sweden--imagine Of Monsters & Men x Matt & Kim x Grouplove. And if you like what you hear, please be sure to let 'em know on Facebook!
  • I haven't been this excited for a sophomore album since Gnarls Barkley, The Odd Couple! There are not words in the dictionaries of the world to describe the love I have for this band.
  • one of the greatest folk bands ever created.....The Head And The Heart!
  • nifty outfit
  • Let's be still.
  • If you like The Head and the Heart, check out Schucks Road for a free EP!
  • Great band! Thanks to to help me discover them!
  • New album "Lets Be Still" out on 10/15? SO EXCITED!
  • mimimi <3
  • oh man, why did I wait so long to listen to them?
  • actually in love with this band
  • pqp como é bão!
  • shaesings, that sounds awesome. haha. i love small shows! i love lost in my mind.
  • Think I was still a freshman when I was listening to these guys, and in two months I'll be a senior. Saw them for my 17th birthday, and it was the most intimate and great experience! They play a consistent lineup and for a bunch of drunk adults, they put on a good show. Being a sober underage kid, however, I still loved it. They got the whole crowd singing. It was great.
  • Saw them with DMB awhile ago, id like to see just them again!!
  • Most bands don't even have one vocalist as good as the three in this band.


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