• The Outcast

    20. Apr. 2008, 22:25 von invisiblerain

    One of the things the most i enjoyed about recording this song, is the spontaneity with which it was spawned. From a Bus Journey through the woods to where i live, the inspiration was the judgmental behaviour of many humans and when considered a freak to fly the flag high and attain your destiny, without the interference of others.

    The Drumkit and congas were recorded first,then some open tuned guitars in stereo and then some maracas and bass.
    The dual-slide guitars build a bluesy-riff while the flute improvises in an explosive fashion in the space between.

    For the lead vocal i had bert jansch in mind with some kind of multi-tracked barber shop mantra backing vocals going on. The Summit for me is the flute solo that breaks out towards the end. I recorded this with distortion, and delay on the mic to give a kind of heavy-metal Ney sounding thing....