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  • Needs a reunion AND a new record.
  • I wish I was an ocean.
  • The Format is way better than fun.
  • Guess who had one of the most played songs on "Steven's Untitled Rock Show?" Check out the full playlist at http://spoti.fi/1xyznoT!
  • i just truly love every single song from dog problems <3
  • Thanks for the Kenneth Room Sessions. I prefer the demo version of "If Work Permits," aside from the awkward "make better time of my time" lyric. I've heard some note the NMH influence in that song and it's even more evident in the demo. A couple of these demos (that one included) have been floating around for a while but I hadn't heard most of these before. Good stuff...the new fun. live album is worthy of listening to as well...still a really great band when you strip away the production. I guess they're one of those bands now that I wish would stop making albums and just release live recordings and demos...so much better.
  • The Format - Kenneth Room Sessions (2014) http://t.co/W3cdeMO5pm
  • these guys should get back together just saying
  • I do like fun. a bit more too, just because it sounds like a indie pop version of Queen. But that doesn't even matter much to me. Dog Problems is just to fun to listen to. No pun intended.
  • Here's how I see it. Aim and Ignite > Dog Problems > Interventions and Lullabies > Some Nights
  • It has nothing to do with fun. being all over the map, but just that The Format albums were just better as a whole. Some Nights, solid release, NOTHING spectacular, forgettable even after a while. Aim & Ignite, better release. Both Format albums, still awesome to listen to. Every. Single. Track.
  • fun. is nowhere near superior to what The Format was. Sorry.
  • didn't know he was in both bands, but now that I think about it, it does sound like that. but indie bands all sound the same so that's prob why I didn't know that
  • Though I do like The Format better; fun. is superior.
  • The Format >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fun.
  • because sam was still somewhat involved in the song writing for aim & ignite, i can't entirely hate that album. but fun just can't accomplish what the format did.
  • But really I'll always love both bands. Nate is brilliant and a great dude all around.
  • http://youtu.be/WrjwaqZfjIY
  • well, maybe that's just your opinion but it's sooooooo WRONG.
  • let's began. [url=http://rvtlantiagingfacts.com/]RVTL anti aging[/url]
  • your are WRONG. bananas > coffee > cheese
  • coffee > cheese > bananas
  • Some Nights is one of the greatest albums to come out in the last 10 years. I have Aim & Ignite, I have every Format CD, and I'm a fan of Steel Train but fun. takes the cake. I feel like a lot of people judge based on the fact that it's "too mainstream." Not everyone, and I'm not pin pointing any particular comment in here. I don't listen to the radio, I don't watch Much Music and MTV so I don't hear and see the over exposure of these songs. The Format is great music, but it's no fun..
  • fun. made the best album, but overall I like The Format more.
  • way better than fun, sorry
  • Sorry but fun. leaves money :D
  • Me: Oh you listen to fun.? awesome. How do you like Aim and Ignite? Them: what? Me: How about The Format? Them: How is that relevant?
  • Every time I hear Fun., I miss the Format.
  • "The first single" is good song but i need "the new single"...........
  • Check out my song-a-day blog featuring At The Wake (The Piano Song) by The Format http://appartmentfire.tumblr.com/post/40806379282/the-format-the-piano-song-at-the-wake-tuesday
  • Dog Problems > Aim & Ignite > Some Nights > Interventions & Lullabies [2]. What the fuck is wrong with you? Put Some Nights way at the bottom.
  • oh em gee you guyzz stop posting your opinions on music on a music site what is wrong with you
  • Please do a kick ass reunion tour.... [2]
  • I have to say that, a lot better than fun.
  • reunion please..
  • Please do a kick ass reunion tour....
  • I think it's a photo finish between Dog Problems and Aim & Ignite. While Dog Problems is a masterpiece, Aim & Ignite is fucking incredible as well. I love them both equally. Either way, Reuss is the king of everyone and everything.
  • This Some Nights album makes me miss The Format even more.
  • Man are these guys fun.
  • Dog Problems > Aim & Ignite > Some Nights > Interventions & Lullabies
  • @idiotmoron: "Going out on a limb" makes you look like an "idiotmoron." Fitting name.
  • Dude's right, we already know which one is better anyway. The Format > fun.
  • How about everyone stops arguing about which band is "better" & enjoy the fucking music they make.
  • v Definitely.
  • The format > fun. 3
  • fun. = the format for me. they're both great bands. so stop sayin the format is ">" than fun. bullshit! have you heard BOTH fun. records? -.-
  • :( They broke up the day before my birthday, and no one told me until a week after it happened, because they knew it would ruin my birthday. I love The Format, I miss them so much. Fun. is not the same.
  • the format > fun. x3
  • I've never even listened to this band and know absolutely nothing about them but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they suck dick


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