• my little findings. 30.08.2008.

    30. Aug. 2008, 9:53 von xShedx

    Hey...ghm...so, here i go again xD
    Some things have happened since my last note here like...like Russia won't receive birdmeat from USA anymore xD Very important things are happening xD
    Anyway, i'm here not to talk about some politics or other things, i'm here for music +)

    1) See You Next Tuesday - "Intervals" (2008).

    Oooh...man...i just can't believe it...what? You still didn't hear it? Shit, you gotta get it right now, right fuckin' now! It's awesome! Absolutely awesome! Sometimes i think that it's much better than previous release, "Parasite". 17 fast, brutal, heavy, hooky songs sounding like a bullets from a machinegun...their sound...i just can't explain it by words, it's incredible heavy and great - guitars sounds much lower, much heavier, voice of their crazy vocalist sounds much deeper and kickass. Must have. For sure.

    2) State Of East London - "Animasitas" (EP) (2008).

    I don't know why, but these 5 cute guys hooked me. …