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  • going for a bit
  • <3 Disturbing Behavior <3 <3
  • nice one
  • Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-eyyyyyyyyyy, what's the point of this?! Oh heyyyyyyy-eyyyy, what's your favorite song?
  • this is my favorite song
  • whats youre favorite song
  • that jeff probst on vocals ;p looks like it haha
  • always will love this song
  • Love this song
  • Always reminds me of Katie Holmes back in the day. So beautiful she was.
  • got me where you wanted me ;)
  • Got you where I want you...
  • Sex Drive <3
  • I bet this would be a great make out song.. *-*
  • Such a great song
  • razor
  • This song just makes me smile. =)
  • WHY NOT!!!
  • a classic song from the day. the video was pretty epic with all the people running right off the cliff...good ol' days heh.
  • pretty fly for a white guy...
  • Takes me to a good place.
  • gotchu where i wannttcccchhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  • First song i ever learned on guitar, Ill probably never get tired of hearing it :D
  • Yeah, This: memories. 90's and actually turning on the radio. [2]
  • perfect song to hear out at the lake during the summer with all the boats anchored down at the island.. WOW!
  • The Movie Disturbing Behavior has introduced me to how sexy Katie Holmes can be and how great this song is
  • Awesome track. Never get tired of it
  • such a one hit wonder.
  • Yeah, This: memories. 90's and actually turning on the radio.
  • what's the point of this?
  • amazing song
  • <3
  • Yeah, This: memories. 90's and actually turning on the radio.
  • memories. 90's and actually turning on the radio.
  • amazing song... Great
  • Beautiful, that's all I have to say.
  • great song
  • grunge another word for DIRTY take a shower
  • hey look a good song bout time
  • great voice, awesome song.
  • this band is not from the 70's....someone F'd up
  • great song... always one of my favs
  • How very chilled out
  • its all about the shades
  • Love this song
  • One of the greats right here
  • great song too bad they dont play it anymore
  • thanks sex drive for helping me remember this song
  • Great late 90s hit!
  • 90's baby and I'm proud of it!!!


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