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  • Well, got four albums today plus the selected works 87-05 toooooooooooooooo!!
  • Sooooooooo need much more music by The Dead C!!
  • bitcher
  • so this band is just Sonic Youth huh.... nah jk
  • v thanks for the head-up.
  • Worth checking out: [url=]2008 in Chicago[/url], audience recording, but a very fitting sound.
  • [url=]Live at Le Weekend, 2004[/url] should've been on The Twelfth Spectacle. It's an avalanche. Kinda sad that they had to edit Arena Part 1 for vinyl, to fit on one side. Especially since there already was an [url=]uncut recording on youtube[/url], before the release of the record. Also, the video has professionally recorded sound, in contrast to what seems to be an audience recording on the record. Not complaining though, it's that special Dead C sound. The beginning is almost the best thing about it, and on record it just starts 10 minutes in.
  • 12th Spectacle is amazing
  • pretty sure we are all already scrobbling the band as 'The Dead C' anyway, but thanks for help, DustinD.
  • Rush are easily the best band named 'Rush'.
  • hell is now love
  • guys it's the dead c not "dead c." also records do not compare to this group's live shows.... that's where they excel imo
  • ... thus spoke the twat below me with his 2,000 Rush plays. Ha. Haha. Hahaha!
  • trapdoor fucking exit is fucking shit
  • cool
  • Trapdoor Fucking Exit is pure Jandek
  • Bazinga is my favourite Dead C record.
  • как же здорово, ребят!
  • 'dr503' is one of the only records on earth i would give a 10/10
  • noise, beautiful noise
  • Armed Courage (2013) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I started with Harsh 70's Reality - which became one of the best albums ever. First track blowed the mind with its free flow abstraction (didn't ever hear something similar back then)... also the song recording aesthetics are really interesting, and their open mindness to mix rock music with electronic experiments and free improvisation. That makes this band special! Of course they also sound good - which is even better ;D
  • 10/bazinga
  • Saying "Bazinga!" after that makes the initial comment seem not as bad in comparison.
  • "What a fucking lame and talentless noise rock." Bazinga!
  • The Dead C for Unsound 2012! [2]
  • I'd say eusa kills would be a good place to start.
  • Remastered Harsh 70's Reality sounds better than ever!
  • The Dead C for Unsound 2012!
  • nice new zealanders
  • music to play at your next corporate party while watching your co-workers sip on some arsenic-seasoned mojitos
  • What a fucking lame and talentless noise rock.
  • "if hell exists, beatles fan will spend their eternity listening to this band"
  • Trapdoor Fucking Exit, definitely
  • the dead me
  • Trapdoor Fucking Exit, probably.
  • So if one 'twere to start off with their best album, what would this be?
  • fuck all indie rock music!
  • the dead sea
  • The dead, see?
  • the dead see
  • ONCE AN INCEST, ALWAYS AN INCEST. STOP THE BREAST FEEDING! Join us today to help restore order to this global incestrial phenomenon, known as 'breast feeding'. SPREAD THE WORD, BEFORE IT SPREADS YOU! Together we can stand up and say no to the familial lactation, just because babies can't speak, doesn't mean they won't be heard - YOU ARE THE VOICE OF A FUTURE, UNADULTERATED YOUTH.
  • Yes.
  • oic
  • I used to listen to these guys a whole lot more than I do now. 'even named my first mp3 player "Bitcher" after the song, because it was my favorite back the. Good times.
  • Check out this one-off single from '85 that Michael Morley did with a few other guys from the Flying Nun roster. Absolutely the last thing I expected to hear from him but damn if isn't awesome.
  • really like them a lot.
  • thanks, icyblue86
  • It's great how it hovers between noise and rock music. I'm not too big on the C's full on noise assault, but I like this. Plus its perfect in length at 37 minutes. The Pitchfork review pretty much got it right.
  • Patience


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