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  • Horribly terribly spectacularly underrated.
  • well, they had a good run, and i'll always love them. aj's somber yet effective vocals, the beautiful guitar melodies, and (in the beginning) the ambient drumming. although golden record isn't my favorite, it was a strong note to go out on. i'm still listening to them religiously.
  • Still good stuff, gonna miss you. R.I.P.
  • Devastated to hear they have stopped making music, but they made 3 amazing albums without one song that I would skip, I am just so very glad to have been a fan of these guys for the last 4 years.
  • RIP The Dangerous Summer. Got me through a lot the last few years, especially in recent months. Will definitely be missed...
  • RIP :(
  • AJ has left the band. :(
  • Golden Record is their best and most mature record so far. But for me, there's no songs better than one another, the whole album is perfect, like their last two.
  • yah, i dont think i cared much for golden i dismissed this band for some time...i decided to give them another chance. Boy, I am I glad I did. Theyre mad good
  • That's because Golden Record isn't very good. I could only stand it for a dozen listens. Beyond "Catholic Girls" and "Sins," there just isn't much to love.
  • Yikes, what a drop in listeners. Seems like only 1/9 people who checked out war paint listened to golden record.
  • They've got that "pop punk" affiliation that makes me weary about endorsing them publicly too but whatevs, I'll get over that. Even if they have roots in a genre I feel I've outgrown, they've changed plenty themselves. Definitely a band that's matured into a full, robust sound of their own. They do what they do well.
  • i hate loving this band.
  • v Yeah, i love this band but i was put off buying a shirt at their show because i really don't like the idea of walking around with their name on my chest haha!
  • Why do they have such a shit name
  • loving catholic girls, even though AJ does sounds a bit different, raw, a bit grown up maybe? [2] No doubt. So scratchy now compared to their first album. I'll take his early voice even though Golden Record is quite enjoyable.
  • idk i still like Reach FTS the best but everything they do is solid at worst/ masterpiece at best so i'll get used to it
  • Golden Record is going to take some time to digest. [4] "Drowning", however, is stunning. "Into the Comfort" is one my favorites as well. It's just too catchy to resist.
  • Golden Record is going to take some time to digest. [3] but so did War Paint and that's my favorite TDS release now.
  • Golden Record is going to take some time to digest. [2]
  • @Alex welp i just looked at the lyrics to Knives and you, friend, are incorrect. it's a religious album. i knew it from the moment the candle cover and Catholic Girls came out.
  • ben fuckin' cato is killing the skins on this album. sweet baby jesus.
  • vote for TDS photos with new members
  • Liking the new album.
  • Golden Record is going to take some time to digest.
  • @nostalgia-rush I don't think the album is going to be religion themed at all I think it is just coincidence the first two songs they've released from the album both have slightly religious names.
  • i really wish this wasn't a religion-themed album
  • loving catholic girls, even though AJ does sounds a bit different, raw, a bit grown up maybe?
  • Hi! We are My Last Words. A Pop punk / Hardcore band from Valencia (Spain) And you can hear our brand new Ep here: Hope you like it! :D
  • Sei que não sao muuuuitos, mas galera do Brasil, curtam aí a nossa página de TDS no Brasil, por favor!!
  • They remind me a lot of Angels & Airwaves... I'm liking their sound.
  • every time I listen to this band I fall in love all over again [2]
  • One Year At The Peak Of Summer
  • Everything song these guys do is perfect. They are probably my favorite band right now. I don't think they know how to write a bad or even mediocre song. They definitely need to record War Paint as an acoustic album like they did with Reach for the Sun. And when I saw them in concert, I thought AJ was really cool and down to earth. Didn't talk to Cody at all though.
  • god i love em
  • Lol I couldn't really care less about how big a douche the dude is
  • They feuded with VersaEmerge back in 2010
  • they are all perfect. so perfect.
  • Cody is the bad egg and a naughty man.
  • lol these comments
  • Cody is a douche, even with peers from their same label. However their music is outstanding. Really good.
  • I love a good old fashioned band fight. Hope they were victorious.
  • Cody talks a lot of shit and is a general doucher by all accounts.
  • could anyone please tell me what they have done/ said and why some people hate them so much?
  • Anyone willing to throw in money to get to the 2,500 we would need to get The Dangerous Summer to play a live show in my backyard? Let me know if your down.
  • heard bad things about these guys, but then i hung out with the guys and drank in their van before a show recently. they're probably the coolest group of guys you'll ever meet. social media is a terrible way to judge people....
  • every time I listen to this band I fall in love all over again
  • Reach for the Sun may be one of a few "perfect" albums.


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