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The Cure

Wendy Time (5:10)


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  • I love the groovy feel to this song. It's such a beautiful one! <3
  • It's a good composition but demo version (with less keyboards and more gothic-vibe) sounds even better! It can be easily found on YouTube, it's also featured on "Play Out" VHS.
  • I know people hate this song, but I've never understood why?
  • one of their worst songs
  • They had some great b-sides for Wish, and they put this song on here instead. :/
  • Bloody epic.
  • <3
  • Excellent song. I don't understand the criticism.
  • It doesn't touch me at all...
  • The best from Wish [2]
  • it's below average for the cure, but above average for most other bands
  • It might be the worst song on Wish (which is a near perfect album), but I still like it a lot. I'm surprised by the hatred here.
  • Nice song after few listens but hard to listen after the awesome "From the edge of the deep green sea" !
  • shit, i love this *_*
  • Worst on Wish by miles. I guess they all can't be bleak, but isn't the greatest beauty in the most painful songs?
  • I agree girls... friday i'm love is shit.. but this song, pure love! must deserved more ''attention'' You're a total idiot, Friday's such a great track, with good reason.. this is just the sort of Cure pop that isn't 'End' or 'To Wish Impossible Things' standard.. feels a little filler to me. :(
  • I like how this song is about a pestering fan. I wouldn't complain if I were the real Wendy however.
  • Funky!
  • It doesn`t touch me AT ALL .......
  • The Cure don't have bad songs!
  • different but still as much cure as
  • This sond "Does Not Touch Me At All"
  • An amazing song, they don't get enough respect for it though. This should be up there with The Lovecats and Boys Don't Cry!
  • The best from "Wish".
  • I love the lyrics, makes me smile. :)
  • Love this song!
  • I don't agree... Both are great!
  • I agree girls... friday i'm love is shit.. but this song, pure love! must deserved more attention
  • I agree girly. Friday I'm In Love is the worst song on Wish and one of the worst they've done overall =|.
  • this is a great track! it's the aforementioned 'Friday I'm In Love' that's the shittiest they've done, imo (of course).
  • It's great. Of course, pussies prefer Friday I'm In Love.
  • it's lovely...they have worse ;)
  • one of the worst songs by The Cure
  • Great song, but not as good as the demo.
  • one of the worst on the album wish. :-/
  • Magical. Love it!

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