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  • This is superfun! (I'd listen to 'The Wank Flakes')
  • Possibly the best music in existence.
  • The wank flakes more like it. This is the worst thing I ever heard.
  • Goood times a Goooooooooooooooo Go0o
  • Awesome!!!
  • This is guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude
  • perfect
  • °--° >>
  • ridiculously good
  • many happy hours spent bran flaking - saw them in seattle
  • Oh yeah, and Bran Flakes, are you ever going to grace the UK with your presence?!?!?!?!?! and some more: ??!?!!!!?!??!!!!!
  • The Bran Flakes always put a smile on my face. Why can't all music sound like them? ie JOYOUS!!!!
  • Good music! another one ("behind the mask" to)
  • CALL ME PATCHES MOTHERFUCKERS! oh, and why is sixshootersam such a whiny bitch???
  • Awesome group!
  • "Your musical compatibility with SixShooterSam is Low" Oh look, makes sense.
  • omg
  • This is happiness.
  • Some crazy good holiday music by the Bran Flakes free download until December 31st
  • very nice...great stuff
  • <3 it
  • O________O
  • such silliness, I love it.
  • glork
  • so dumb and so awesome
  • i'm not going to listen to music because its difficult but because i like it DUH
  • i like it so i'll listen to it. who gives a damn
  • Hey guys, listen to SixShooterSam. Don't forget about the direct correlation between technical difficulty and your enjoyment of music.
  • even Stock, Hausen & Walkman are more elegant than this "I Have Hands" album.
  • Hmph. Not like in my day. None of your fancy-schmancy transitions and layering and melody and other modern nonsense. Then it was "bang bang bang" and that was all you could hear. That was proper music.
  • This type of sampling is so talentless and shitty to me. Almost no layering, just 1 off samples at the same BPM, so fucking dull and boring.
  • Reminds me of Stock, Hausen & Walkman.
  • 52 weeks
  • now connected to:
  • oh my god i love this o_o
  • Listening to "I Have Hands" right now and loving it deeply !
  • I somehow feel 'Good Times A Goo Goo' is a great song to start the morning with.
  • M-I-C-K!-K!-K!-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E! Gotta luurve that track
  • Cool Fresh Apple Cider is my new favorite song. I'm listening to the other songs now and I'm REALLY digging the sound!
  • I can't even remember how I found these guys but Good Times A Goo Goo is an all-time fav! Love them. LOVE THEM.
  • I found you through a flash animation that played some Sunday School song forwards, then played it backwards and put the little family in Hell. Then off to your scrumpdillyishus for a bowl of nuttery. Insanely good stuff... you're invited to my pool party. (Bring a swimsuit, this ain't Woodstock).
  • Hey Won't Somebody Come and Play is a classic.
  • amazingly brilliant
  • Love this band so very much.
  • Mr. Snuggles. <3
  • i like you sooo fu%$# very much, youre great
  • You guys are awesome, doing some awesome things. Congratulations, and thanks.

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