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A Hard Day's Night
The Beatles

A Hard Day's Night



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  • TLDR version: Best Pop act of all time's best Pop album = best album.
  • I say it's their best album, period. No qualifiers needed. If you accept them as what they are -- the best Pop group of all time -- and don't get hung up on their status as "innovators," this is the obvious choice for best record, as it's a perfect Pop album. Even if you do view them as fearless innovators, is "innovation" their defining trait? I say no, and at the very least they're not the MOST innovative band that ever was. Their defining characteristic and strong suit is pop songwriting. With that being the case none of their other albums matches this one for sheer catchiness, number of hooks, hummable melodies, memorable choruses, etc. You could maybe argue that "When I Get Home" is a bit of a dud, but most pop bands would kill for a song that good. It's also worth mentioning that this album represented the massive step of writing every song present. If you want to praise them as innovators, how about THAT as an innovation? It wasn't done at the time in Pop.
  • rating 9.5/10
  • Best pre-Rubber Soul album!
  • Best Beatles album period. It' my favorite at least. :) I think that post Help Beatles overall are more fantastic than pre Help for sure, and definitely higher highs song-wise – but album-wise, this one is my favorite. Pop rock perfection.
  • a dream pop cover Latarnie Montpellier - And I Love Her (The Beatles cover)
  • Best, and easily, the best Beatles album with a blue cover.
  • Easily their best pre-Help album.
  • fifty years!!!!!!!!!!

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