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The Amenta are an industrial metal / experimental metal band formed in Sydney, Australia in 2000.

The band originally formed in Baulkham Hills, New South Wales in 1997 as Crucible of Agony. They initially played black metal and released two demos in 1999 under the name.] They then changed their band name to The Amenta in 2001 and released their first EP in 2002, entitled Mictlan, with Cessium 137 (lead vocals), Diazanon (drums), Ethion (guitar), Endrin (bass guitar) and Chlordane (keyboards).They followed with Occasus, which won them acclaim from rock magazine Kerrang! and were awarded Best Metal Newcomers for 2004. The album also drew comparisons to bands such as Zyklon and Cryptopsy. In May 2006 the band replaced their singer, and have since played several live shows, most notably on the Festival of the Dead national tour with Akercocke and The Berzerker. In 2007, they supported Blackened death metal giants Behemoth on their national tour, and released the Virus DVD as an extra with the limited re-release of Occasus/Mictlan.

The new album entitled n0n was released in October 2008. The album features guest appearances from Jason Mendonca of Akercocke, Nergal of Behemoth, Alice Daquet of Sir Alice, and Alex Pope of Ruins. The album was described in Terrorizer as "industrial metal for people who actually like both industrial and metal". The Amenta are to tour Europe in January 2009 with Deicide. They have since returned to Australia and commenced a national tour with The Berzerker, which began in late January 2009 and will be ending in late March with a tour of New Zealand.

Recently, The Amenta announced that they will be performing at the Rockout Festival 2009 featuring acts such as Twisted Sister, Girlschool, and Rose Tattoo.

The Amenta will soone embark on their first ever North American tour in November/December of 2009 with Vader, Decrepit Birth, Warbringer, Augury and Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky.

Current members

* Cain Cressall – vocals
* Timothy Pope – samples/programming
* Erik Miehs – guitar
* Dan Quinlan – bass guitar
* Robin Stone – drums

Former members

* Mark Bevan – vocals
* Jarrod Krafczyk - vocals
* Nathan Jenkins – bass guitar
* Dale Harrison - bass guitar
* Dave Haley – drums

Formed in reaction to the retrogression of the music climate in 2000, THE AMENTA continues to breathe new life into ‘extreme metal’ with its sophomore release n0n. The critically acclaimed masterpiece – which mixes intricate guitar riffs, gut-wrenchingly scathing vocals, and avant-garde ambiance – has propelled THE AMENTA to the international stage as a premier metal band, while also reflecting a clear evolution in style and lyrical content. From 2004, when France’s Listenable Records released the band’s debut effort Occasus, the worldwide metal extreme metal scene took strong interest in THE AMENTA. The ten-track epic touches on themes of opposition to tradition; human stagnancy; and slave society fostered by religion and socio-political dogma; while destroying the listener with masterful riffing and melancholy ambiance. Occasus put THE AMENTA on the map: winning “Best New” from Terrorizer Magazine and Australian Kerrang!. After touring Australia heavily with BEHEMOTH, ALCHEMIST and finally as a headliner, the band was ready to hit the studio again in October 2007. n0n, THE AMENTA’s sophomore release through Listenable Records, reflects an evolution in sound and lyrical content from Occasus. While noise, radio chatter, and industrial soundscapes intertwined with hundreds of layered instrument tracks sets the musical base, lyrical themes of a vice-driven, evangelic, sheep like society overpower the stimuli of the listener. n0n is a global project, involving several studios in multiple countries, including guest appearances from Nergal (BEHEMOTH) Jason Mendonca (AKERCOCKE), Alice Daquet (SIR ALICE), and Alex Pope (RUINS), among others. Following the completion of n0n, THE AMENTA toured Australia with THE BERZERKER. The album was unleashed on 18 and 20 October in Australia and Europe respectively via Listenable Records. n0n hit North American shores on 10 February 2009. THE AMENTA has continued to make 2009 the year of extreme metal. The band began the year by touring Europe extensively with DEICIDE, VADER, and SAMAEL on Winterfest 2009; which was followed by an extensive Australian tour with THE BERZERKER. After completing the “Unleashing The Extreme Tour” in Australia with PSYCROPTIC and RUINS, THE AMENTA will hit North American shores for the "Monsters of Death Tour" with VADER in the winter. THE AMETNA will continue to deliver unrelenting brutality on an unprecedented scale to dissidents worldwide, while redefining extreme metal in 2009.

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