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When the World Comes Down
The All-American Rejects

When the World Comes Down


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  • such an overlooked album.
  • The Wind Blows♡.
  • this album is really, really, really slept on. it's incredible.
  • There's plenty of filler, but also some of their very best songs. Another Heart Calls, The Wind Blows, Breakin' and Sunshine could easily be in my top 5 AAR songs.
  • <3
  • <3
  • loaded with some of their best works, I think.
  • Хороший альбом! Another Heart Calls лучшая песня с альбома!
  • one word- amazing ;D
  • Amazing Álbum! *-* I Love it! ^^
  • just heard the whole album. i must say that i really liked it. very good:)
  • one of my favorite album
  • А почему вышел 6 февраля 2009 года? Он же вышел в 2008-ом году!
  • Good album! But compared to their previous record, it drops a bit.
  • красивый альбом
  • amazing,,,mona lisa
  • I love this album and their logo. sweeet (:
  • LOVE this WHOLE CD!! i sing it in mahh underwear xD
  • This Music smells verry funny
  • Pls, delete (Album Version) !!!
  • really good, the Jects' Maturity album, filled with fun ("Gives you hell") pop-rockers ("I wanna", "Damn fuckin' girl") and all-out emotinal ballads ("bACK TO ME") really, an incredible album of our time, and a surprisingly outstanding record.
  • Gives you Hell is einfach geil!
  • I love it! I wanna, Mona Lisa, Another Heart Calls... Great!
  • I like this album :)!
  • Tolles Album
  • Love this album!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
  • Great Great Great Album!
  • man i love gives you hell my fav songs from this band are move along.dirty little secret and gives u hell man these guy are epic
  • <333333333333
  • LOVE 'EM!
  • Am I the only one that's a little bit disappointed? To me the demos sound better than the polished songs- does anybody else agree? I'm not dissing all american rejects- especially after I saw them live- they were amazing, but this album just doesn't live up to the previous 2 =[ gutted!
  • 5.2 live in munich
  • Whoa! 803,662 scrobblings
  • I actually really like there new album. It interesting ;)
  • This album is crap compared to others. Don't get me wrong, I'm a die-hard AAR fan, but what is this? C'mon guys... It took you that long to produce this?
  • Really Really Good Album, All Songs are nice. especially I Wanna, Damn Girl and The Wind Blows
  • After hearing 'gives you hell' and 'mona lisa' I wasn't too optimistic, but this is another great AAR album. 'Another Heart Calls' and 'The Wind Blows' are real gems, and i'm enjoying 'I Wanna', 'Breakin', 'Real World', and 'Sunshine'
  • real world is awesome!!!
  • Truly a great album. On some of the songs, I think someone else is singing
  • It's really good, I'm surprised. i like the way the lead singer sings. like he just recovered from a car accident or what and now he is serious about what he's doing.
  • *-*
  • is not better than others but is good!
  • Great album!! :-)
  • really like this one, is awesome

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