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Textures ist eine Metal-Band aus den Niederlanden, welche im Jahr 2001 gegründet wurde. Sie haben bisher vier Alben veröffentlicht. Die Band spielt einen komplexen Metal-Stil, der eng mit dem Technical Metal (und Bands wie Meshuggah), mit Elementen des Death Metals sowie des Thrash Metals verwandt ist; sie beziehen außerden auch melodische Zwischenspiele in ihre Songs ein. Auf ihrem ersten Release, Polars, experimentierten sie auch mit ambient soundscapes. Jedoch sind in ihrem zweiten Release Ambiente und Riffs näher miteinander verbunden, als… mehr erfahren



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  • Avatar für monisiowaty
    fuckin awesome gig in Nottingham with Amorphis ;]
  • Avatar für Riktenkay
    It was going to be hard to follow up Dualism, especially with Jochem leaving the band. And, yeah, this album is disappointing. Not a patch on Dualism, Silhouettes or Drawing Circles. The rougher sounding production doesn't help either.
  • Avatar für Aero3k
    "Phenotype" is full of references to old songs from previous albums. Sometimes they aren't as obvious as it seems, and maybe only older fans can assimilate them at first listening. Considering myself part of this "older fans" group, I can say it's very enjoyable when some seconds of a given song reminds you to the "old" Textures. Even though, "Phenotype" is the proof that a band can reinvent musically (even changing some band members) but keeping its own essence which makes it unique.
  • Avatar für JHnMan
    So nice when you don't need to hear an album (sometimes force yourself) to know is good
  • Avatar für Scout2000
    I don't like how the guitar sounds.....
  • Avatar für RowboatK
    new album is really good! Iluminate the trail is my favorite.
  • Avatar für ossum
    Phenotype AOTY contender no doubt
  • Avatar für Smooooooth
    \m/ Phenotype \m/
  • Avatar für Waldezo
    Great new album!!
  • Avatar für lovemetallica93
    Album is pretty dynamic and interesting. The first half is really brutal and straight, while the second half seems to be more reminiscent of their newer stuff. Sadly the album isn't as long as I would've hoped and I don't get the reason for putting a "song" like "Meander" on an album. Other than that it was really convincing, so it might be a decent 8/10.

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