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TERAKAI are a five piece Melodic Metal act from Reading, UK, who blend essences of modern thrash and tech with hardcore influences and straight up metal groove to create a fresh, punishing sound you won't forget.

Formed in 2009 by Matt & Chris Dodd, Tom Grepne, Joe Knipe & Adam Lewin, The boys pressed on through the tragic death of Matt Dodd in march 2010 to release their debut EP 'The Last Stand' in May to critical acclaim, recruiting the huge talent of Cameran Turner on guitar along the way.

Two years on and Terakai have had the honour of sharing stages with such names as The Black Dahlia Murder, Sepultura, Sylosis and After The Burial to name but a few, and have gained a loyal and growing fan base, crafting a tight and crushing live show along the way.

In early 2012 Terakai took some time off after the departure of drummer Adam Lewin to finish pre-production on their debut album, and completed the line-up with Elliot Wilkins on drums.

Armed with blistering new material and relentless energy, don't miss Terakai at a venue near you this summer.

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