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  • hell yeah
  • This one and 'Are You Ten Years Ago' are so weird songs for me, like it's not Tegan and Sara stuff. There is a video of an in-store performance of this song, Sara messes up a few times, but doesn't give up. Model through it!
  • Like H in your gut!
  • sugar spell it out like o
  • Love this song.
  • sugar, spell it out~ ♥
  • Make a map of what you see, direct pain effectively.
  • Someone pointed out, Sara's mentioned this song referring to problems with drug use & wanting to ask for help but struggling. Like, 'I really think I need help here, but I don't know how to ask, so I'm hoping you can figure it out/notice something is wrong, without me actually having to say anything.' I figured that "like O, like H" was simply an exclamation "OH" of sudden comprehension. Gut instinct, as it were.
  • This song is so good... it's ridiculous!
  • Best track on the album, incredibley crafted song.
  • @GhostFreak6: I read that this song is about how sara experimented with drugs when she was a teenager. She wanted to tell her mom that it was beginning to become a problem, but she was afraid to. And I think the "S.O.S. to my mother, take the hinges off the door" and "Sugar, spell it out" parts sort of refer to that. I have no clue about the "Like O, like h" bit though.
  • I want to click the heart icon on lastfm every time I listen to this song.
  • What is the chorus about? :S [3]
  • this makes me sad
  • have loved this song foreverrr
  • acid
  • So good!
  • What is the chorus about? :S
  • I'm in love.
  • Like O, like h, in your gut ...
  • Such an amazing song.
  • this is probably my favorite t&s song ever
  • sugar spell it out like...
  • love.
  • favourite song by far... i like the whole second part of the Album so much more then the first...
  • Probably my fave off the album. I like the darker songs, as So Jealous is my favourite off So Jealous too. :)
  • Thanks to you, morti, I'll probably always listen to that song and hear in your butt. LMFAO.
  • in your butt
  • Like O, H, I, O !! woooo... at least I like to think
  • catchy
  • can someone explain to me what like o like h means?
  • Awesome song and they sound so good in it! :)
  • I love this song way too much. Definitely my favourite so far.
  • ok so how does gut end up sounding like gush when Sara sings it, huh?, or gutch perhaps... hehe.
  • sugar spell it out like like O like H in your gut!
  • o0
    CU in malmoe soon:D
  • S O S. <3
  • SUGAR SPELL IT OUT \m/! My fav. song of the new album (at least for now xD)!
  • Gah yet anothet good catchy song! <3
  • Best song on the new album! Sugar spell it out LIKE O, LIKE H!!
  • <3
  • Oh, I <3 Like O, Like H. My favourite off The Con so far!
  • So damn catchy!!! I love it.

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