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  • If anyone has any live recordings/bootlegs they can share that would be really great :)
  • Reminding myself how amazing this band was. One of the best of the 90s. Should have been way more popular than they were.
  • this band is badass
  • Why did I only just find out about this band? Did I grow up in a cave?
  • thanks tocotronic
  • "Team Dresch continues to perform." - holy shit.
  • Try Infinite Xs, Jody's next band, if you love TD, They have an outstanding album.
  • @CommanderGrief There was some talk of an album a few years ago, but sadly nothing came out of it.
  • is it sacrilegious to say that I absolutely love Jody's voice and don't like Kaia's. Although I think they sound great when they harmonize.
  • love this tunes. need more like this:)
  • Personal Best is a great album but I prefer Captain My Captain so much more xP
  • v Agreed!!!
  • Best band.
  • new favourite band.
  • so ridiculously underrated. <3 (2)
  • <3
  • love this band
  • nice *-*
  • great :D
  • <3
  • so ridiculously underrated. <3
  • \m/
  • yeah!
  • <3
  • &hearts;
  • :)!
  • banda boa da porra!
  • damn cool band with great 90s hardcore sound
  • I love this band
  • awesome.
  • i can see the quality threads now "rank your favourite team dresch albums"
  • Team Dresch fan? Join the new forum! It's in early stages but help make it a real forum!
  • i can't seem to listen to enough of this awesome stuff
  • You should join this group:
  • i flew 1,000+ miles to see them in portland and seattle and i would do it again in a heartbeat. hands down they are one of the best (if not THE BEST) bands i've seen live. they played a "new and unreleased" song in portland and i'm hoping that means more to come...
  • нравятся)
  • Well, isn’t there a new recording by them out there somewhere? That’s what they said in an interview but I haven’t heard anything more about it and it’s been 2 years. “Personal Best” was hella great; “Captain My Captain” was disappointing. Of course,I could be all wrong; and no doubt somebody will tell me so.
  • *.*
  • I would kill to see Team Dresch live.
  • we really need a new record!
  • need to see them live before dying
  • Best band ever. Period. I could play Hand Grenade on repeat all day.
  • download their full discography @
  • anyone know where you can listen to the split 7' they did?
  • will never get sick of this band
  • Kaia's gonna be at Fabulosa Fest this year! :D
  • @daile same here in SF.. it was AMAZING. then again they saved my life in high school. I have so much love for these girls. Erase Errata opened for them aahhh heavenly. they talked abt comin out with a new record in 2008.. yeah, it's 2009. grrr
  • i got to see them perform live in new york three years ago, & it was easily one of the greatest performances i've EVER seen. i wish they'd do another tour... i'd give almost anything to see them live again. i've loved them for almost a decade now!
  • she´s amazing <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 i´m in love for more than 10 years....


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